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    Just in case anyone is still missing Djas or Palpatine, they have had them hanging at the San Leandro WalMart for the last 3+ days. No Acklay that I saw. I also noted that they expanded their pegs, including pegs for the Deluxe figs. Interesting that all of these Deluxe pegs were only 1/2 full. It is possible that the new Mace/Red BD were there and picked off by scalpers hitting the store at opening, this is pure speculation, but I do not see any other reason for the deluxe pegs to be 1/2 full when the basic pegs were overflowing.

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    I made a trip down to my local Wal-Mart just before closing today and they had just about EVERYTHING! Orn Free Taa, Bespin Chewie, Endor Han, Massif, Pilot Obi Wan, and Djas Puhr. Except for Palpatine and Djas Puhr, they were all literally dripping from the pegs!

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    I finally got a Palpatine and Djas Puhr! I am out on the east coast on vacation and found them at a Walmart. Yeah! It looks like they are popping up there as well. Later.
    Ed S.

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    Silver Creek Target had every new figure including chewbacca, han, palpatine, massif and djas. They had both white and grey hans. I also got the mace with the red droid but that was the only one I saw. Walmart on blossom hill has a ton of massif and obi wan. Happy hunting!

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    East Bay Reporting in

    Hello everyone!

    I thought I would let you know of my "exploits" over the weekend!

    Target - SL
    Friday night, I walked through Target. They had a good quantity of the Han Solo, and Obi-Wan's but Chewie was no where to be found. I only found 1 grey variant, and the rest where white, but the grey varient was on a very messed up card, and not worth buying.

    I did pick up an extra Han and Obi-Wan, and ended up putting the Obi-Wan in the Jedi Starfighter. I also did manager to put the dish into the hole on the side of the ship, although I did have to "tweak" the hole a bit. I ended up taking a hobby knife and gently scraping/drilling the hole out a bit more to make it bigger!

    Target was also putting out their back to school stuff, and I did notice a lot of Episode II items like Backpacks and lunch boxes. No signs of binders, folders or anything else.

    I ended up picking up a STAR WARS lunch box (hard plastic, not the soft sides) with a design of Jango Fett. It came with a thermos with a design of Slave I on it. If I remember right it was $4.99.

    TRU - Hayward
    Nothing new here. A lot of the same figures from 4/23 still hanging and a few Mace's, and all that, but nothing too entertaining!

    I came home from my friend's home to find that my parents had bought half of the new STAR WARS ornaments produced by Hallmark. The Death Star, Luke (Jedi) and Vader. The Death Star looks incredible, and the Luke and Vader are just very well done. I was also informed that I have the other 3 on order for me when they come in which should be in October sometime.... they are:
    Obi-Wan (Episode II), Jango, and Slave I.

    K-Mart - SL
    No new figures. I did pick up the Episode II Calendar for $4.99, and some more packs of the AOTC CCG.

    Sunday -
    Nothing to report. No shopping for me, I went to see Croc Hunter.
    "I find your lack of faith disturbing!" - Lord Darth Vader

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    Blossom Hill Walmart had nothing new. Silver Creek Target had more chewies, obi won and han. I read elsewhere that Ki adi mundi showed up at pleasanton walmart so I guess the hunt begins.

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    I just got Ki-adi and Teemto at milpitas walmart. They had a ton of palpatine and djas but I only saw three ki-adi's and one teemto. Happy hunting!

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    Originally posted by mola ram
    I just got Ki-adi and Teemto at milpitas walmart. They had a ton of palpatine and djas but I only saw three ki-adi's and one teemto. Happy hunting!
    Mola Ram-

    Are they collection 1 or 2? I assume 2 since 1 appears to be main characters....but I want to double check/confim my assumption!


    "I find your lack of faith disturbing!" - Lord Darth Vader

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    They are both collection 2 figures. By the way, how was croc hunter?

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    Blossom Hill Walmart had the ki adi mundi and teemto this morning. I didn't pick any up as I already got them so there are about 3 Ki adi and 3 teemto that were visible still there. I did manage to get the acklay there as they finally got them. There are about 4 of them still there. Happy hunting!


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