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    Hold off on the $$$$ right now. My thinking is, I'd rather make sure I can get the first, then get the money as I deliver the "bounty". If you pay me first, and something happens they aren't there.... Then I'll feel like a fool for not being able to get them!

    I'll collect the "credits" after I turn over the "bounty"

    "I find your lack of faith disturbing!" - Lord Darth Vader

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    Nothing new at blossom hill walmart. I went to blossom hill toysrus over the weekend and noticed that they finally got every figure; they had a ton of palpatine, djas, chewie and hans. No x-wings were seen but I heard they were out in LA.

    C richards - If you happen to see a bunch of the star tours figures, could you pick me up one of each on a nm-m card? It would be great if you could although it may be too hard to carry around those figures in the park all day.

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    I can't promise anything right now Mola Ram.
    I have a very limited budget, and I don't have much room. I am only bringing a carry on with me so I don't have to go through the hassel of airport lugage check-in, and then wait for it afterwards. Space, time and money are against me.

    I'll do the best I can, but if I can't.....I heard all the figures will eventually come out via the fan club!

    "I find your lack of faith disturbing!" - Lord Darth Vader

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    Skipped the obigatory weekend figure hunt to spend money at the toy show Saturday. Found a few vintage ships and a couple nice vintage carded figs (Tig Fromm and short-mouth Biker Scout) at bargain prices! Also managed to secure a no-peg Deluxe Jango and a Bootleg POTF2 deluxe Stormie. All in all a good toy show. Now for the currently shipping stuff...hopefully I'll be able to get to the stores soon!
    I am blind to the value of this pain...

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    Nothing new at Blossom Hill Walmart. They got more chewies, hans, and a few djas and palpatines. By the way, the toy show mentioned by Stormie was ok. There were some deals but a lot of the people were selling things at silly prices like 15-20 dollars for an orange card leia. Maybe worth a trip once but not more than that.

    C richards- I don't expect any promises or anything but if you do have some room and extra money, I would greatly appreciate it. By the way, the disney toy store opened yesterday in a soft opening and the figures were selling like crazy according to what I read.

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    Mola Ram-
    I'll see what I can do.

    Sorry if I'm not my chipper self today. I got news last night that one of my friends is moving to the other side of the Country, and I am not happy over it. She was the only girl I knew that was really into STAR WARS as much if not more than I was!!!!

    If you are wonderin why her and I didn't hook up..... she's got a husband...and is pregnant, and I don't chase after women that are attached!

    No sightings here....but then again, I didn't go out last night. Hopefully today....

    Until the next time......

    "I find your lack of faith disturbing!" - Lord Darth Vader

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    Glad to see the StarTours figures are selling. Hopefully the mad rush will be short lived and sales will come down to more of a steady state, with the supply remaining steady. If the supply is there, then whether we get them via a trip, order from Disneyland/World, or from the FanClub, we should be able to get them. The key is to be patient and NOT PAY THE SCALPERS.

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    You are totally right. just to let you know...I also have a bit of an advantage too. I have a buddy of mine coming along... I only hope they don't limit quantities.....if they do, then it's time to have him get a set, I get a set... and then wait for a bit.....go back and get more!

    "I find your lack of faith disturbing!" - Lord Darth Vader

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    Nothing new at silvercreek target. Sorry to hear about your friend. I guess I'm lucky that my wife actually likes star wars almost as much as I do. Hopefully, this week I will see the deluxe 3-PO. I don't want the yoda though. Happy hunting.

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    Mola Ram-- Sorry you didn't enjoy the toy show. I guess it really depends on what you're looking for. There are always those bozos at toy shows that go around selling easily acquired stuff for outrageous prices. But for every 10 bozos, there's at least one bargain. Basically I go to shows for vintage stuff, to take a peek (not buy) at stuff I haven't seen yet (saw Teemto this time), to possibly find stuff not available anywhere else (the Japanese imports), and to talk with some of the dealers and collectors. One thing I did find out a few years ago; toy shows are definitely not the place to find bargains on the latest Star Wars toys available at retail.
    I am blind to the value of this pain...


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