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    Originally posted by Lone Jedi
    Hey stormie, just keep checking back at the Foster City TRU. They actually have a tag for the AT-ST on the bottom shelf, below the 25th Anniversary packs.
    Yeah, I saw that tag. It's like a big tease!

    Hopefully I'll find something this weekend as I hit the road to see the family for Easter. No Wal-Mart, Target, or TRU will go unlurked!
    I am blind to the value of this pain...

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    San Leandro WalMart

    A scalper (~70+ year old dude) snagged 4 cases worth of E-2 stuff this morning at San Leandro WalMart.


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    East Bay checking in

    Glad to see other peopl in the Bay Area that are into SW as much as I am.

    I continually check the K-Mart, Wal-Mart and Target in San Leandro.... NOTHING! TRU in Hayward, got in the preview wave...but they were out in a heartbeat! TRU in Newark hasn't had much in a while. Only the Lando wave, and a few straglers from the Luke X-Wing wave. K-Mart in Newark has the Jedi Starfighter, but nothing else. Wal-Mart in Union City had a bunch of the Jedi Starfighter Legos.

    I have been getting most of the new figures from <a href=""></a> The figures are $7.99 each...but they have a flat fee of $4.99 for shipping no matter how much or how little you buy. I figure for my money, I can at least know I am getting the new stuff. They do pack the items very securely, and haven't had any problems with them!

    Last shipment from them was the Eeth Koth, and Zutton figures, I am getting Bo Shek, Teebo, and R4-M9 from them next week!

    None of the stores here have seen the waves. LAst wave I found was the Fx-7 wave at Wal-Mart in San Leandro. I bought 1 of each figure with the exception of the Imp. Officer and Rebel Trooper. They had them priced at $4.00 a piece which was a fluke I'm sure. Since then, (this was about 2 weeks ago) nothing at all!

    Good Luck hunting the figures!
    "I find your lack of faith disturbing!" - Lord Darth Vader

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    Re: San Leandro WalMart

    Originally posted by Pellaeon
    A scalper (~70+ year old dude) snagged 4 cases worth of E-2 stuff this morning at San Leandro WalMart.

    Pellaeon - Did you get a chance to see this guy? Is he and older bald dude?

    If he is...I know the man very well. He raided Target when I worked there all the time.... He says he's a collector, but I found him selling figures at a super high price. I consider him a pirate!
    "I find your lack of faith disturbing!" - Lord Darth Vader

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    so, the San Leandro WalMart had AOTC figures in and were putting them out?

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    c_richards-You and I have probably met. I was going to use the man's name, but felt that would be giving too much away. Anyway, yes, it is the bald guy.

    nwookie-Yes, they put them out this morning, but all are gone....

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    East Bay

    Cool, I know who it is then. This guy can be a bit of a pain!
    Watch your back with him!

    You're right...we probably have met in the past!

    Take care, and good luck trying to find the figures!
    "I find your lack of faith disturbing!" - Lord Darth Vader

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    Scouting report some more news from the East Bay!

    I just got back from TRU in Newark. I got a AT-ST w/ Speeder Bike. They had only 4 of the preview figures left. 2 R3-T7's, and 2 Zam Wessels. They also had a whole slew of Eeths and Zuttons.

    When I left, they had 3 of the AT-ST's left, a bunch of the 25th Anniversary sets, and as I said, a slew of the Zutton/Eeth wave.
    Now new 12".

    "I find your lack of faith disturbing!" - Lord Darth Vader

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    Penninsula Finds

    Aloha, Just got back from paradise and made a quick toy run:

    RC TRU had about 5 AT-ST left and get this...they had peg fulls of the FX-7 wave. Better hurry because there were plenty of guys picking out all the Imp. Officers and Rebel Troopers when the store opened....=(

    DC and SM TRU had 1 Ep 2 Jedi Starfighter ea.

    RC Target had nothing but Duros and Tessak wave POTJ, anniversary sets and 15.99 Deluxe figs.

    SM Target had NO STAR WARS...WTF????

    I don't live near a Wal-mart so you guys would be so kind to let me know when the tie-bombers and snowspeeders start landing...please? you're my only hope...

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    Cool! This thread is really thriving now.

    Pellaeon, that sucks! Who would think a senior citizen would be a scalper?

    Keep looking, stormie, you'll get that AT-ST

    Anyways, here's my input:

    This afternoon, Emeryville TRU had 4 AT-ST's and a bunch of Imperial Officers, Rebel Fleet Troopers, and Decoy Amidalas, but no FX-7s. No preview figures or any AOTC stuff. I asked if they are going to do the Midnight sale; the customer service guy looked at me like I was from Mars, called management, and found that they are *NOT* participating in the AOTC promotion.


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