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    Score! Yes, after a helpful tip from a fellow forumite, finally nabbed that AT-ST I've been searching for. Got it at the RWC TRU after work Friday. They had one left after I got mine. And IG is right, there were quite a few of the FX-7 wave left...even at 6:30 pm. However, $7.69 per figure seems kinda high.

    In other news...Got my lazy butt out of bed at 7am this morning to try and hit the MV WM searching for the TIE Bomber and Snowspeeder. Nothing. Not even a space for them. Well, at least I didn't miss them.

    I passed by the Sunnyvale Target last night and they had NO Star Wars...not even tags on the pegs for them. I asked the Target Associate nearby, and, after searching the pegs himself, he said that they probably won't be putting anything else out until the new stuff. Makes sense I guess...though they sure didn't carry the Preview wave long.

    The Sunnyvale TRU had one AT-ST last night (see, now that I don't need one, they're turning up everywhere!).

    Have a good weekend guys!
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    No Tie Bombers or Snowspeeders found yet

    I drove back from Bear Valley last night and stopped at the Tracy and Livermore Walmarts on the way home. Both had tons of the FX7 wave. The pegs were completely filled. Livermore had tons of 12'' figures including the imperial officer of which I don't think I ever saw.

    I also called the MT view, Milpitas, San Jose, and Union City walmarts this morning. First, only Milpitas knew what I was talking about. But all of them said they only have "small Star Wars people". I can't be too confident on telephone calls but I had no chioce this morning and had to give it a try.

    Congrats stormie on the AT-ST.

    Have a good weekend.
    Ed S.

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    Yeah, congrats stormie on your AT-ST find.

    I know that Sir Steve started a thread about the TRU midnight sale, but if you guys know of any participating TRUs in the SF Bay Area (or even if you have confirmed that a store is NOT participating), could you post it here as well? As I already noted earlier, it looks like Hayward and Emeryville are NOT on the list. Any input is appreciated, thanks!

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    Yesterday, Southshore KB Toys in Alameda had about 10 mint carded Zuttons (no Eeth Koths). All of them were the earlier release with the pale skin, in case any of you variation hunters missed it the first time. POTJ deluxe Luke Bacta was on clearance for $6.99 too.

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    East Bay Reporting In

    Hey all.
    I hope you had a great Easter (if you celebrate that holiday), and enjoied the warm weather we had. I know I did.

    Here's my report from the past weekend!

    Friday Night:
    Target - San Leandro
    Nothing new. Only the Ketwol wave hanging, and the $15.99 Slave Leia/Amanaman Wave. A few of the 25th anniversary sets left, but some of them were really banged up. They did have the Jedi Starfighter Lego Set.

    K-Mart - San Leandro
    No new figures. Had the Han Solo (Death Star Escape) wave out and hanging. They also had 4 of the Jedi Starfighter toys on the shelf.

    TRU - Hayward
    Mostly Landos, Jar Jar, and Tessek left behind. Had a white bin that my friend (who works there) told me was filled with preview figures. He told me a gentleman came in and bought all of the Jango Fetts, and Clone Troopers on Friday Morning. (About 28 of both!) Saturday only R3-T7's left.

    TRU - Newark
    Still had pleanty of the Zutton/Eeth wave out, all previews were gone! Had lots of the 25th Anniversary sets, and it appeared all the AT-ST's were gone as well!

    Target - Newark
    Shmi wave out. Also the expensive deluxe figures hanging. No new figures or vehciles.

    Easter Sunday:
    K-Mart - San Leandro
    See Friday night!!! I did eventually buy the Jedi Starfighter from them. $22.99.

    Quick question to all that have it. On the 25th Anniversary Han/Chewie set. Does your Han look like he's had an emergency tracheotimy performed on him? Mine does. All the sets I have seen seem to have a little seam on the front of the toy right under where the neck meets the body.

    Just curious if mine was "special" or if they all may look like this?

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    Originally posted by Lone Jedi
    Cool! This thread is really thriving now.

    Pellaeon, that sucks! Who would think a senior citizen would be a scalper?

    I asked if they are going to do the Midnight sale; the customer service guy looked at me like I was from Mars, called management, and found that they are *NOT* participating in the AOTC promotion.
    Lone Jedi-
    This old fool is a real jerk. One of the run ins I had with him he nearly knocked my dad on his head. My dad turned around and told him if he pushed his way in, he was going to knock him on his @$$!

    I have had several run ins with these scalpers (or as I call them "Toy Pirates"). He's actually one that is considered less of a threat because he is older.

    Pellaeon - Any luck this weekend?

    Take care everyone, and I will write back soon when I go out on patrol again!
    "I find your lack of faith disturbing!" - Lord Darth Vader

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    Forgot to say one thing

    Lone Jedi-

    Forgot to tell you. I don't think TRU in Hayward will be participating in the Midnight sale this year. I have a friend that works for TRU...and I keep pumping him for info. As soon as I find out more...I'll post it here!
    "I find your lack of faith disturbing!" - Lord Darth Vader

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    c_richards, thanks for the input about the TRU midnight sale.

    Hmm, now what would a guy do with 28 Jango Fetts? I really don't understand these people. *IF* he was going to scalp them, why couldn't he just buy 5? There's a good chance that he's gonna be stuck with some of those figures and he'll end up returning them after the 90 day return policy (after thrashing to cards of course). So solves the mystery of why new AOTC waves products won't be on shelves due to beat up preview wave figures clogging the pegs come late summer 2002.

    Anyone find any AOTC figures early?

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    Hey guys. Hope everyone had a good weekend. I just got back from visiting the folks, and spent some time on the return drive checking in at the various Wal-Marts and Targets along the way. Seems to be the same story everywhere...nothing new. Here's the lowdown:

    Wal-Marts in Modesto, Manteca, Tracy had nothing (though the Modesto store had a few Preview figures, and the Manteca store had some Ep. II Lightsaber toys and the Lego Technic Jango.)
    Targets in Modesto and Tracy had nada as well.
    The Modesto TRU had about 6-8 AT-STs (I'm seeing them everywhere now!), but no new figures.

    By the time I got to Livermore and Dublin, just didn't have the energy to give the Wal-Marts and Target a look-see. Hopefully nothing was there as well.

    I'm starting to suspect that the TIE Bomber and Snowspeeder aren't going to appear before April 23. Though, the obsessive/compulsive part of me will insist on checking the stores several times before that date.
    Good luck!
    I am blind to the value of this pain...

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    Tie Bomber/Snowspeeder NOW!

    Hit the San Leandro WalMart today at opening. They had both the Tie Bomber and Snowspeeder, as well as AOTC figures (Anakin, Obi, Amidala, 3-P0, R2, Kit Fister, Jango, and super battle droid). What a morning!


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