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    wow, Palleon....those 25th sets disappeared quick up here in the northbay (as anything new always does). I like 'em too...especially the fact that Hasbro made the packaging easily reopenable/closable so one can handle the figures (still have those accursed twist-ties to deal with though). I really like the Chewie...

    To keep this an area report....nothing new up this way except Target finally doing their resets and getting in the deluxe figures (RP store) at (gasp) 14.99 a pop....jeez, just go across town to Kmart & get 'em for 9.99...

    Still waiting on more of the FX-7 wave (need the BTD Queen Amidala) & the Eeth Koth wave.....

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    Hmm....I went to 3 Kmarts near me and they don't have any of the Deluxe Waves. I'm over on the Penninsula so either there are alot of collectors (scalpers) near me or these stores just haven't gotten them yet. By the way, Crap-marts near you all have messed up toy aisles? Everytime I visit Crap-mart, the toy section looks like it got hit by an earthquake.

    By the way, I saw the new GI Joes over at Target....priced for $7.99 for ea. 2-pack. Cool...but I don't collect Joes.

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    The K-Marts in our area are always messed up. I think this is standard across the nation. I got lucky on the deluxe wave 2 figs by hitting the K-Mart when they were still on the pallet in the boxes.

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    Targets have 25th Luke/Han sets...

    ...but no Ben/Vaders yet.
    Still no sign of the FX-7 wave or Eeth Koth & friends.

    The Northbay WM's & Targets are overlowing with Ketwols and the new "mixed case" waves that have been turning up (combos include the Lando wave along with bespin Escape Leia, Gungun Warriors, SecDroids, Cors Guards etc)

    TRU SR got in another case of Legacy II AC...the Han was still there at closing tonight...

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    The F/X-7 wave appears to have hit the peninsula. My non-cyber friend found remnants at the Colma TRU, picking up the Imperial Officer and F/X-7.

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    Since some of my collecting brethren in the lovely bay area have posted their finds, I will as well.

    Target: Leia and Amanaman for $15.99 (side note: i know everyone wants the slug-like Jabba henchmen...but IMO the Leia is really much detail and a really good sculpt)

    No more 25th anniversary sets since I found them 2 weeks ago.

    TRU: Nothing new since Luke Bacta tank. (i'm drowning in these over here)

    Crap mart: deluxe figures except one diaper Luke)

    No scent of Eoth or Zutton anywhere up here on the San Mateo/Mtn View area.

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    Picked up the Luke Speederbike 12" for $19.90 at the San Leandro Target. As of 1/2 hour ago, they had 6 left, all pretty beat up, but not totally mangled. Anyone in the area looking for these need not bother with the ElCerrito or Pinole stores, they have none left.

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    Zutton and Eath Koth

    Found 1 of each of these, but their other 4 comrades were missing....I went back several times in hopes of a restock, none yet. But keep you eyes peeled, I think they're coming.

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    TRU ???

    Just curious but what is goin on with TRU in N. Cal area? Seems like Hasbro stopped delivering stock to Geoffrey the giraffe becuz I've seen the same crap sitting on the shelves since before Christmas. Never seen Deluxe Leia or Amanaman @ TRU or the FX-7 wave.

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    My guess is...

    ...that they are doing inventory. This always seems to happen this time of year, especially with TRU. I would not bank on seeing much between now and mid february. My feeling based on what I have seen in the stores and heard is that Target and WalMart (especially WalMart in the next 2 weeks or so) are better bets.


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