Hi all,

It's been awhile since I've done any posting. Anyhow, I broke down and ordered the FX-7 wave from Planet Action and the figures arrived today. It only took about a week. Of course they were a few dollars more but it seems that N.Cal has become a dead zone for new stuff (with the exception of what JediBear has already mentioned).

Don't know if this has been mentioned anywhere but it seems that the new figures are being consecutively numbered. I think we've seen the end of .0000 card changes with the latest wave.

FX-7 is 0000
Amidala is 0100
Rebel Trooper is 0200
Imperial Officer is 0300

I'm interested in knowing what Zutton and Eeth Koth are numbered at (i.e. 0400 and 0500), can someone who has them let me know?