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    Hi all,

    It's been awhile since I've done any posting. Anyhow, I broke down and ordered the FX-7 wave from Planet Action and the figures arrived today. It only took about a week. Of course they were a few dollars more but it seems that N.Cal has become a dead zone for new stuff (with the exception of what JediBear has already mentioned).

    Don't know if this has been mentioned anywhere but it seems that the new figures are being consecutively numbered. I think we've seen the end of .0000 card changes with the latest wave.

    FX-7 is 0000
    Amidala is 0100
    Rebel Trooper is 0200
    Imperial Officer is 0300

    I'm interested in knowing what Zutton and Eeth Koth are numbered at (i.e. 0400 and 0500), can someone who has them let me know?

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    Hey IG-89....

    ....the SR TRU just put out one case of the deluxe 2 wave (A & L) at $!0.99. Still a buck cheaper at K-Mart and Target is still the most outrageous at $15.!

    No sign of the Ben/Vader anniversary set anywhere around here. The Luke/Leia set is starting to sit, but the Han/Chewie still disappears rapidly. (I guess everyone is digging that awesome sculpt of Chewie!)

    Made a huge foray into the area stores over the weekend, from Santa Rosa to Fairfield/Susiun City to Stockton to Tracy and back & without going into extreme detail, it's safe to say that our entire region is currently the dumping ground for old POTJ (from either Hasbro or the retailer's warehouses). Plenty of collection 2 everywhere ranging from Coruscant Guards to the new king of pegwarming, Ketwol. Sun City WM had loads of Aurra Sings and all of the TRU's I hit had abundant supplies of the Bucktooth Luke wave. What few fellow SW collectors I talked to all mentioned the same thing....plenty of deluxe showing up & 25th packs easy to find but NO SIGN of any of the transition card (force file-free) waves. To use an oft-used phrase from the SW universe...."I've got a bad feeling about this..."
    I'm getting the feeling we aren't going to see much in the way of single-carded figures in this neck of the woods in the roughly two & half months we've got till AOTC first night (April 22nd this time!)

    Grrrrrr.....I followed Grayhank's lead and just ordered the FX-7 wave online. (Usually that instantly results in finding the figures I ordered falling off the pegs within days of the charge going through ) I'll let you all know if the old spell still works...

    Meanwhile, back to those spartan northbay aisles....

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    I found nothing but Crap.........=)


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    Thumbs up Eeth and Zutton Cards

    hey Buddy:

    Going Postal Eeth is on a 0004 card and his drinking buddy, Zutton (Thriller) Snaggletooth, is on a 0005 card.

    Cool figures, now if I could just find one more of each to open....

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    Well guys, those of you who broke down and ordered on line....well I did the same thing with yestertoys at 8 bucks a fig. Its cold out there, and I'm tired of making the rounds. This time of year is always the pits. As I mentioned, I did find one Zutton and one Eeth Koth, but I have not seen anything since. I think they may have been returns.

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    25th Anniversary 2-packs

    Ok, i've spent way too much in these forums but wanted to let ya'll know that Target now has all 3 25th Anniv. 2 -packs incl. Vader vs. Obi-wan.

    Both figures are real nice scuplts but not much in articulation and play value though. I'd say it's the nicest set out of the 3.

    Happy hunting.
    Btw: who in Bay Area has found the 12" Luke w/ Yoda? Where I live, Walmart is pretty far and the one that I been goin to hasn't had him yet. Oh boy, that Tie Bomber is gonna be a ***** to get....<sigh>

    Exclusives + Walmart = No Tie Bomber

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    Good info, IG-89. I did not know about the 3'rd 25'th anniversary set at Target. I got the 12"Luke/Yoda about 2 months ago. That is a WalMart Exclusive I believe.

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    thanks for the heads-up guys...

    ...I managed to snag an Obi/Vader set at SR Target today. Yes, they are nice sculpts but I say 3 versions of these two characters caught in this moment are quite enough! (the POTF2 Electronic ones, the flashback figure ones & now these).

    My buddy Grayhank pointed out something interesting about these anniversary packs....where's R2 & Threepio?!? It would be REALLY cool to get these two in say, the escape pod scene? It could feature the first threepio with bendable knees (so he could be "sitting" in the pod). Oh well...missed opportunity I guess.
    Anyway, I'm veering off course from an area report, so I stop now...

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    oops, forgot to mention... answer to IG-89's question...
    I found the Luke/Yoda set at the SR WM right before Xmas..they ended up with them at the Windsor one too (but they were pretty beat up). All gone now, haven't seen them since.
    BTW...where do you live, IG?

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    Thanks for the heads-up on that Vader/Obi-Wan Anniversary pack JediBear.

    I see you already posted our discussion about C-3P0 and R2. It just seems funny to me that C-3PO is noticeably absent from the POTJ line so far. And that two-pack would be great!!!

    So far we've gotten 4 Mauls, 4 Vaders and 4 Leias (tied for 1st place for most sculpts in the POTJ line) and still no C-3PO; and he and R2 are the only characters to have appeared in all 4 films (well I guess Obi-Wan technically has been in all 4 films as well).


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