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    Thanks again to IG-89. Picked up my vader/obi 2-Pack at San Leandro Target yesterday on the way home from work. Of the 3, I would say the Han Solo/Chewie (especially the Chewie) is the best.

    In regards to the escape pod idea, I think that would be great. However, I would make it a deluxe pack and put 3-PO as a pack-in with the pod. I think Hasbro will likely make more deluxe packs, given the fact the fan's choice #3 was Ephant Mon.

    Grayhank and Jedibear, I'll be up in your neck of the woods the week of Presidents day. I'm going to the citrus fair with my kids while the wife goes and plays with her sisters.

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    Where I'm at....

    Location = San Mateo/FC

    Thanks for the info on Exclusive Luke w/ Yoda. I never saw this at Mtn View Walmart or much SW stuff there...than again, I've heard that there isn't a hive with more scum and villianny than Mtn View Walmart and Target....yeeeshh. ANd that doesn't include all the scalpers i'm referring to. =(

    Anywaze, i may need some help with the upcoming Tie Bomber in a couple of months. It be cool if any of you guys could post your finds on this bad boy when it comes out. Be even cooler if you could get one for me and will gladly reimburse you for your trouble.


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    Well, since someone mentioned the MV Wal-Mart and Target, I felt inclined to chime in with a peninsula report. Nada! As of Tuesday, the MV stores had nothing but old product (though there was 1 deluxe Leia buried under some WWF figs at Target). The past weekend proved just as fruitless; nothing at the Sunnyvale or RWC TRUs nor the RWC Kmart or Target. Hopefully this weekend will be much more successful. I have yet to even see any sign of the waves after X-Wing Luke (about four months)! Yikes!

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    I spotted the New Wave Of figures in other collectors hands

    Oh well I'll try another Day...........


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    Thumbs down

    Nothing in the way of carded single figs this weekend, including:

    Cupertino, Mountain View, Redwood City, and Foster City Targets; Sunnyvale TRU; MV Wal-Mart; and Sunnyvale Kmart. These were all checked Saturday morning and afternoon.

    Yes, I was darn busy, and yes, I was darn discouraged. Seems like these stores would actually sell more if they would stock when new figs are available. That way, collectors wouldn't have to turn to the Internet when they can't find the newest figs at the stores. Seems logical, but then again, I'm a little peeved that I can't find anything!
    I am blind to the value of this pain...

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    Stormie, Like to help you out...

    hey buddy, thanks for the info and sorry you endured the ususal fruitless search.
    Anywaze, i've got an extra Rebel Trooper and Imperial Officer if you need them.

    Thought i could help you out since I'll need help with the upcoming Walmart exlcusives this yr. (Tie-bomber, snowspeeder etc.).

    Anywaze, Target's pegwarming Coll. 2 figures are $4.99 right now. Go out and get your extra Ketwols and Tesseks.

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    That price cut must have just happened. Anyway, I found FX-7 and Queens Decoy at San Leandro Target. Looks like scalper action/collector competition is still hot and heavy.

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    Hey Pellaeon and everyone else in the SF Bay Area! I haven't visited the forums in a few months. I've pretty much given up on searching stores; I order everything online now. I'm still into SW collecting, but I'll probably do more reading than posting for now. If I find anything by chance, I'll post it here.

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    Finally got an Eeth Koth (thounds like I'm lithping) and a Zutton at the MV Wal-Mart Sunday. They had like 2-3 of each left. No sign of FX-7, Imperial Officer, or Fleet Troopers, though.

    They also had some of the 25th Anni. 2-packs...Vader/Obi-Wan included.

    Hopefully this is a sign that the new figures are starting to stick around on the pegs long enough for us to find. Good luck!
    I am blind to the value of this pain...

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