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    Re: NoCal/Northbay Reports....

    Report them to Hasbro for selling inthe first place.
    thanks Chux Turbo LBC Bobafrett Mtriv73 Rjarvis JF96 JT JMG FB Rogue2 Tycho Slicker Deoxy Caesar JontheJedi JJReason Brandon Solo JMS UK for great deals.
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    KB Exclusive 15" Chewbacca

    Just wanted to let anyone interested know that the KB Store I work at in Petaluma CA will be receiving a small quantity of 15" Chewbacca's. He should be arriving on or about March 31.

    We are also receiving 16 cases of OTC figures this week (3/24). They are normally priced at $2.88 each but we are currently having our Crazy 8 sale which means buy 1 at $2.88 get a second for half price ($1.44). Also included in this sale are the 12" Boba Fett, Luke and Stormtrooper at $14.88 each (second one is $7.44).


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    Re: NoCal/Northbay Reports....

    Hey Guys,
    How's everyone doing? It seems like this thread has slowed a lot. I was just having a recollection of three years ago just before AOTC came out and this thread really started hopping. I skipped back to like page four and it was fun to read all the posts by everyone. Fond memories. It seems like a lot of us have gone our different ways over the past three years. I stopped collecting in late 2002, but still avidly read many of the message boards. I even stop in once and a while here to see what's going on. I wish I was still able to collect, but we've got a small family and money is tight. So for now, I'll just have to live vicariously. Just wondering how everyone's doing. Go ahead and skip back in this thread to page 4 or 5 and start reading how much fun it seemed we were all having! It's a kick!
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    Re: NoCal/Northbay Reports....

    Greetings Stormie and everyone!

    It ha been a while since I have last posted. As for my absence, it can be blamed on a lot of things. Work, home, life in general. And, lets not forget the fact that I can and do suffer from a rather nasty case of LBS (Lazy Bum Syndrome) of which there is no known cure.

    However, as of late, I have picked up quite a bit in terms of SW. First off, I recently joined the ranks of "The Fighting 501st", the Imperial Costuming group. So, a lot of my money and time has gone into my costume. For those that are wondering, I am currently dressing as a Biker Scout, but I have 2 other costumes in rotation with another in the works.

    For those that are curious, my costumes are:
    Biker Scout
    Imperial Officer (Rank of Admiral)
    Jedi Knight

    The one that's in the works is:
    TIE fighter Pilot.

    Now that being said I hope you all are able to find the figures you are looking for/need for your collections and sets.

    Take care and "May The Force Be With You!"
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    Re: NoCal/Northbay Reports....

    I used to have LBS, too. I had kids, and it cleared up right away!

    Anyway, glad to hear you're still doing well.

    I actually went to the RWC TRU yesterday at lunch to look for the Darth Tater for my daughter. No Tater, but I did spot something I wasn't expecting to find...six of those 12-inch plush Darth Vaders that make sounds. They're called Battle Buddies and from what I had read, they were only supposed to be available in Australia. Guess they found their way here. I did pick one up ($19.99) for my daughter.

    Also met a fellow collector while there and he said that a lot of the newer wave was there, like Mas Amedda, etc. Hope this helps!
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    Re: NoCal/Northbay Reports....

    Seems like all the stores around my area have overflowing pegs of the newest figures. From Tank gunners to SA Clone Troopers, pretty much #1 - #44 is plentiful around here.

    The following stores are fully stocked:

    TRU - Santa Cruz
    Target - Watsonville
    TRU - Salinas
    WalMart - Salinas
    Target - Salinas


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    Re: NoCal/Northbay Reports....

    While this isn't a report about a sighting, I felt I had to post this since it did take place in Northern California, specifically, San Francisco.

    I was one of the people that went to the Premiere on Thursday. Being a member of the 501st (Imperial Costuming Group), I was there in my full Biker Scout gear.

    Now, while that may be cool for a lot of people, the ultimate topper came when I was asked to escort George Lucas himself into a pre-showing tent! I was so close to him that I could reach out and touch him! To someone like me, this is about as close as seeing "god" as I'll ever get!

    Top that off, with making a few memories for a few kids. There was one kid that still gets to me. He was bound to a wheelchair, and his parent's asked if they could get his picture taken with me. Of course, I agreed. He mother then teared up and had to walk away. I wanted her in the shot, but she refused saying, "This is for my son!"

    I knelt down next to him, and put my arm on his wheelchair to get the picture taken. Talk about a feeling. For that brief moment, I made his day. He forgot about his illness and was a happy little boy!

    That image is forever burned into my memory, and it'll be something that I don't think he or I will ever forget.

    I just had to share that with you all.
    "I find your lack of faith disturbing!" - Lord Darth Vader

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    Re: NoCal/Northbay Reports....

    Believe it or not folks, I am still around....I just don't surf the net as often as in the golden days of SW collecting. I had to buy a new pc since my old one crashed, so I was offline for about a month so that didn't help either.

    Good for you C-Richards! It's not everyday when a normal person like you or me can bring a little joy to someone who could really use it (I'm a health care professional, so I'm used to seeing parents in distress because of their children's illnesses). I'm glad to hear you took the opportunity to put a smile on a kid's face.

    I've been recently thinking about giving up on SW collecting, especially since ROTS pretty much marks the end of the SW saga. I just can't see myself staying with the hobby until 2015 or whenever Hasbro loses the SW license. I used to be a completist, but the OTC, POTC, and the inexcusable Hall of Fame line really ruined the thrill of hunting down every single carded version of every figure. Due to space limitations, I've sold about half of my vehicles at retail price to fellow collectors from another site. I guess I'm starting to "grow out" of the hobby so to speak. It will make things easier when I decide to move to a new house too. I'll always love SW and admire my collection (which is focused mainly on the 3 3/4" figures only), and I'll appreciate the help I've gotten by reading your posts here at SSG. Many thanks the Pellaeon (wherever you are) in particular. The bottom line is that I'm definitely tapering off in terms of SW collecting, but I haven't decided for sure where and when to call it quits. I'll periodically stop by the forums to read and post.

    And now for something more relevant to this thread: I picked up Polis Massan, Neimoidian Warrior, both color variants of the Wookiee Warrior, SA Clone, and Droideka today at SL Target. Sadly due to my internet inactivity explained above, I totally missed any chance to get the C3 Vader and the Target Clone. I knew about the Vader, but had no idea Target was offering a clone until this week. Oh well, so is life.

    From now until the bitter end, happy hunting, fellow Bay Area Collectors!
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    Re: NoCal/Northbay Reports....

    Well, I hadn't posted in a while, either, it's nice to see some familiar names again.

    At this point I have all of the figures thru #44, all the Deluxes I wanted, and most of the vehicles, including the Gunship.

    Also got 12' Anakin/Vader, Shaak Ti & Barriss Offee.

    Anyone know when the Tarkin wave is supposed to be out?


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