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    Return of Bay Area Just Found...

    Hey guys, just an update...I've been to 4 TRU (Hayward, New Wark, RWC and SM) and no AT-ST. Also, checked Wal-marts in San Leandro and Union City and zippo unless you enjoy Ketwols and JarJars. In fact the SL Walmart had no Star Wars at all....=(

    Oh well...hope the rest of you are having better luck....

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    AOTC preview figures at last!

    After what seemed like endless weeks of never ending pegs of Ketwols & Duros and shelves sagging under the endless anniversary sets, I spotted (& grabbed) three of the AOTC figures at Windsor Wal Mart today.

    I got Zam Wessel , R3-T7 & theClonetrooper .
    No sign ofJango Fett though.

    Target (RP) got them too but I arrived in time to watch someone else get the last R3 figure.

    Well it's back to the aisles next week in search of Jango...

    (Oh, I like all three of the other figures alot.....)

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    Sorry you missed the Jango, Jedi Bear.

    I got all four figures at WalMart San Leandro on Saturday, 10Mar. Overall, I like the figures, but still think the fixed poses suck. Also, the bubbles are too big and won't fit into a protectopak. From best to worst, I would rate the figures Jango, R3-T7, Clone Trooper, Zam Wessel (heads' too small on this one).

    No sign of the AT-ST yet.

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    These may seem like "old" figures to some, but I finally found the FX-7 wave (first time I've ever seen these) on Friday. There's a new Target in Sunnyvale (Town Center), and the pegs were loaded with 3-4 of each figure (on Friday, at least).

    I can also say that the TRU and Target in RWC have no new figures (as of Sunday). - "New figures" meaning after the Ketwol wave.
    I am blind to the value of this pain...

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    g** d*** it, guess i missed out...

    on the Preview wave in San Leandro Target. Was there just 3 days ago!

    Anywaze, looks like FX-7 also hit TRU as there were only the Queen and one FX-7 left at TRU in SF. Glad to see you guys finally finding these guys....geezus we're like 3 months late.

    Still no AT-ST anywhere. Why does So Cal have em but we don't?

    Also, you don't have to remind me how worried I am about the Boshek Wave.

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    AT-ST at TRU on Winchester!

    This is my first time posting so bear with me if my post is messed up.

    I found the AT-ST at the TRU on Winchester/280 in San Jose. There was only one other one on the shelf and it was on the shelf with the Lord of the Rings toys. It wasn't shelved with the other Star Wars stuff.

    I also went to the Target in Sunnyvale yesterday and all the 3-4" figure pegs were bare.

    I also went to TRU in Sunnyvale yesterday and they had dozens of K3POs and Queen Decoy.

    I ALSO went to the Target and Walmart in Mt View and both had maybe half a dozen JarJars and Ketwols. That was it.

    All said and done it is pretty lame in the South Bay. I am still searching for the preview figures.
    Ed S.

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    I also breezed through my area stores today (nothing)

    My area TRU got in a couple cases worth of the Tessek wave! Arrggh! (But if anyone in the northbay still needs the Imp R2 unit, now's your chance!)

    No sign of the At-St...and no second sightings of the AOTC preview wave (still need that Jango...)

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    Stopped by the Sunnyvale Target last night (Thursday), all they had were 3 of the Preview droids. Better than nothing since I've never seen the Preview wave before. I was disappointed overall because I was expecting to possibly find the Boshek wave (haven't seen anywhere). Anyway, while in the neighborhood, stopped by the Sunnyvale TRU--nothing there, unless, of course, you want K-3POs and Sabes. The Wal-Mart in MV was empty too.

    As a side note, anyone here ever have any reservations about posting what they've found and where? I just wonder how many scalper types lurk in these forums just to find out what was found and where, then immediately jump into their scalper buggies and clear the pegs. It was just a thought as I was returning from another (almost) fruitless toy run. I'll still take the chance and continue to post what I've found. Good luck everyone!
    I am blind to the value of this pain...

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    Nothing in the South Bay

    OK Stormie, I went to Target Sunnyvale at lunch and there were no figures at all. I asked someone and he said that by noon just about all the figures are gone. Ugh. Don't any of these people work?

    After work I checked out Walmart in Milpitas. THere was some bespin guards and Jar Jars.

    KB Toys (on Stevens Creek/280) has the Luke/Bacta tank on clearance for $6.99.

    On your scalper question: I wouldn't doubt there are some lurking out there but I still think the chances are better if we post finds. It helps to know that some one found items in certian regions so that the rest of the population can start hunting knowing that stuff are in the warehouses. Just my $.02

    Ed S.

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    I will still post....

    what I find. On more than one occasion, after posting my find here I'll go check the next day and everything is gone. Hopefully it wasn't a scalper who cleaned up ea. time.

    Anywaze, AT-STs are showing up at TRU. Found one at San Mateo TRU.

    No evidence of Preview wave or Boshek Wave anywhere! Drat.

    I will be relying on you info here on the Tie Bomber cuz that will be tough to get.


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