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    IG-89, is the San Mateo TRU the one at the Bridgepoint shopping center? I was there yesterday; all they had was the Ketwol wave and a shelf full of Anniversary 2-packs.

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    Yup, TRU at Bridgepoint.

    There were 2 when I got there Friday afternoon. I got one and left the other.
    The cashier was saying they sold like a dozen on that day alone! WTF? I thought whiney collectors were saying they were gonna leave this one alone.

    Anywaze, where are Preview waves showing up? I've heard reports of Walmarts and TRU....but what's going on at Target????

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    Latest fromt the northbay/SonoCO:

    TRU got the AT-ST set last week. I missed it but was told they only got two cases in & they were gone within an hour.

    Damn! Having a job just gets in the way of collecting am I supposed to live at the stores if I've got to work!?!

    Everywhere else still has gobs of anniversary sets, deluxe figures (especially Leia) and Ketwols.


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    Thanks for the replies about scalping everyone. I'll continue to reply to these threads too. Hearing about and sharing finds is just too enjoyable to stop.

    Over the weekend, I searched 4 TRUs, 4 Targets, 2 Wal-Marts, and 1 Kmart along the Peninsula. I found some of the Preview wave (enough to complete the foursome) at only two of the Targets, and nada at all the other stores. No AT-STs or BoShek wave. I also saw the Lego Jedi Starfighter at the Wal-Marts (and maybe 1 or 2 of the Targets).

    I agree, work does really get in the way of toy huntin'. I mean, sheesh, how am I to continue reliving my youth when I can only do it on the weekends or evenings? If it weren't for getting paid, I'd have a good mind to quit my job!
    I am blind to the value of this pain...

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    Well, I work too and sometimes have a tough time getting things. However, I have a friend who apparently makes a living out of doing nothing (he does not scalp to my knowledge). Anyway, I forwarded the AT-ST SKU to him, and he picked one up for himself and me on Friday at Hayward TRU.

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    Zam Wesell and R3-T7 at Target in Mt View

    OK I finally have two of the sneak preview figures at lunch time today. I asked a Target employee if they had any other boxes and she said that they put everything out this morning and she saw someone buy almost all of them before noon. (That sounds like a scalper to me.)

    I also checked Walmart in Mt View and there was no sign of Snowspeeders or tie bombers.
    Ed S.

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    Yeah, I also checked that Wal-Mart last night, and nothing. In fact, there's really no space for anything, much less TIE Bombers and Snowspeeders. Hopefully they're not putting them on some other shelf, like in housewares or something.
    I am blind to the value of this pain...

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    MV Walmart = Hive of Scum and Villany

    I have never, ever found anything at this Walmart. When does this place ever get stocked??? Seems like scalpers have gone through this place before each of my visits.

    I'd actually like to know when the shelves get stocked at Walmart because I'd like to at least have a fighting chance one day. Oh wells.

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    In regards to the Target finds of Zam Wessel and the droid (???), it is my belief that each of the sneak peak figures come in separate cases.

    TRU and WalMart tend to put stuff out en'mass so I was able to get all four figs at once. Target, however, tends to put out cases at 1 or 2 at a time. Thus, the other two figs. (Jango and Clone Trooper) probably hit on a different day or have yet to hit. Keep hitting the Target in the morning.

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    Latest report from the North Bay.

    Finally found the AT-ST at TRU yesterday. Had to ask for it at the register where I was told they had one box left. The employee brought a fresh unopened box out of the stock room but all four were in less than desirable shape. It makes no sense to me that a store with an exclusive would only get in 3 cases (12 individual AT-STs) for a city of over 150,000. They also had remnants of the FX-7 wave. Managed to get FX-7 and Amidala but no Rebel Trooper or Imperial Officer.

    This morning I saw all four Sneak Preview figures at Target. They do in fact all come in the same case. Jango and the Clone Trooper are just the hottest two figures.

    At K-Mart (yes I still check there once in awhile) they had the AOTC Jedi Starfighter. I haven't opened it yet but it seems like it's a real piece of crap. It's not packaged well because it rattles around in the box like there is no inside packing whatsoever. I know that it's supposed to pay homage to the 70's line but I still HATE the new AOTC packaging. It somehow looks really cheap to me.

    We seem to have suddenly gotten an overabundence of the Lando/Tessek wave. They were everywhere this morning but still no signs of the Teebo wave.

    Both the local Wal-Marts still have nothing but the Duros wave.

    I did notice that one of the area pharmacies (Rite-Aid) are now carrying star wars figures again, they had Luxe X-Wing, EW Vader and Han so it might be worthwhile to include them on rounds when you go out.



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