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    Re: Rick James........Dead

    Seems that the toxicology department found 9 different drugs in Rick James bloodstream at the time of his death. The report was filed last week and listed that along with drugs that were prescribed for James's anxiety, heart failure and pain relief problems, cocaine and methamphetamines were also found in his system.
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    Re: Rick James........Dead

    Well I guess that cocaine is indeed one hell of a drug. It's unfortunate that he never got over his addiction to drugs because he was no doubt on his way to a comeback. At least he didn't go down like a punk I mean 9 different drugs, hell I can't even name 9 different drugs.
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    Re: Rick James........Dead

    The song "Can you call a rose by any other name" or something like that by Tina Marie is dedicated to Rick James.

    Im not suprised drugs were present in his body upon his death, its sad that he couldnt seem to overcome his addiction to them. But i guess if there is any type of silver lining to be had by his death, its that he died at a time when his fame was climbing again.
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    Re: Rick James........Dead

    Dang, 9 different drugs. A walking pharmacy he was.


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