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    Anyone know anything about prototypes?

    Hey everybody! I was browsing around ebay like I normally do and I stumbled upon some prototype figures. They dont cost very much and I was wondering what these are about. The guy selling it said: " I found this in one of my trips to hongkong, got it from a local dealer." What are these things all about, how many do they make, do they retain any value? (I saw a couple of the same one from different dealers)
    Thanks for the help!
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    Re: Anyone know anything about prototypes?

    If they are cheap then they are probably bootlegged. If you plan on buying them from e-bay make sure the seller have good feedback and if the feet of the figure has Hasbro molded on the bottom, then it probably is real. Some real one's don't have the Hasbro on them, so you have to be careful.
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