View Poll Results: Have you thought about getting bootleg OT DVDs?

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  • No, I am only going to buy the LFL-approved DVDs

    133 33.76%
  • No, I won't get the OT on DVD, official or bootleg

    5 1.27%
  • Perhaps I've toyed with the idea, but likely no bootlegs for me

    29 7.36%
  • I've thought about it, but haven't made up my mind yet

    28 7.11%
  • I'm seriously considering a bootleg as well as the official DVDs

    146 37.06%
  • I'm seriously considering a bootleg INSTEAD OF the official DVDs

    53 13.45%
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    Re: Have you thought about getting bootleg OT DVDs?

    Had them a couple years ago, when the line was no DVD's until after 2005. Once they announced the new DVD sets, I sold mine for cheap, since they were the SE version anyway. The quality was just fine for casual viewing, slightly better than VHS, which is what transfers from the laserdiscs are.
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    Re: Have you thought about getting bootleg OT DVDs?

    Well I own both the Definitive Collection and the Special Editions on Laserdisc so I wouldn't have any use for bootleg DVD's.

    If I didn't have the Laserdiscs though I guess it would come down to how good the quality was on these DVDs before I'd entertain the idea of getting them. Once the new DVDs come out it will most likely become the version of the OT that I view the most so the main appeal of the LD's for me are the extras. I'm not sure if these bootlegs come with all of that material so that would be another factor as well. In the end I'd probably just spring for the LD player and box sets.
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    Re: Have you thought about getting bootleg OT DVDs?

    Buy the laser discs you cheap [edited by jedi master sal] implied explicative removed [end edit]
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    Re: Have you thought about getting bootleg OT DVDs?

    I'm considering it. I have the vhs versions of both the SE and original versions, and if the boots on DVD aren't any better in quality, then I'm content with those for now.

    It's sad that Lucas won't recognize our desire to have the films available in their original versions (or even their SE versions), if nothing more than just for the historic significance of being able to watch this groundbreaking trilogy the way it was first seem almost three decades ago.

    Of course when the six movie box set comes out in a couple more years, there are sure to be even more changes to the film.

    Doesn't Lucas support film preservation, or is he one of those people that was all for colorizing black and white movies?

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    Re: Have you thought about getting bootleg OT DVDs?

    I've seriously toyed with the idea, particularly after hearing about some of the changes. At this point it's all a load of Bantha fodder. And I think I've given Mr. Lucas enough of my money. If he wants to go on tinkering with with them, fine, just don't expect me to pay for them. Besides the only DVD player I have is in my computer and its not much fun watch a movie on that. So for the time being I'll stick to my pre-SE VHS.
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    Re: Have you thought about getting bootleg OT DVDs?

    I voted for "seriously considering both OT BL and Official OT" since it's the closest to "I already own the OT and SE on DVD" option that seems to be missing 'cause I own 'em and they are awesome!

    For anyone who is wondering, the quality is excellent because they are copied from the laserdiscs into dvd format.
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    Re: Have you thought about getting bootleg OT DVDs?

    If Lucas' buddy Spielberg can do the fans right with the re release of ET in both the original theatrical release and the extended newer version then why must George alienate his diehard fans that have almost religiously followed Star Wars since the 70's? Star Wars is like a part of our culture and has become such a presence in our lives that it goes way beyond any one man even if he is the creative force behind it. Get over yourself George and let us have that unfinished OT work that so dearly reminds us of our childhoods and what we once loved about your movies growing up. Will the Star Wars I grew up on forever remain trapped on an inferior format without the great extras offered to the select few who are lucky enough to own the Laser Disc versions?

    You're darn right I'll support a bootlegger if George is going to deny me! Sure I'll buy the modern version but I don't promise not to get sick to my stomach when I watch Anakin's spirit replaced with a young Hayden Christianson!

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    Re: Have you thought about getting bootleg OT DVDs?

    I will definitely get the OT on DVD. Whether or not I get them from a bootlegger is a different thing. I have the THX box set including the mail away Making of SW video and would just transfer them to DVD. There are a bunch of (relatively) cheap places around here for doing that since there is a big market in UT for edited movies. I don't consider that to be bootlegging or unethical since I bought the original tapes at retail and am not showing or reselling them for profit, just my personal use. They might not look as good as video laserdisc transfered onto DVD, but at least I'll be able to watch them on my laptop without possibly seeing Jar Jar appear in some cockamamie new final sequence .
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    Re: Have you thought about getting bootleg OT DVDs?

    "Perhaps I've toyed with the idea, but likely no bootlegs for me."

    I'll buy the new DVD set, but I'm also more than likely to end up making my own DVDs from laserdisc at some point.

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    Re: Have you thought about getting bootleg OT DVDs?

    How weird it is that the "are seriously considering/own them already and own GLs DVDs" and will only own GLs DVDs are almost split down the middle.

    So this is why we can't get GL to release all versions of the movie. Half of the fans are standing with him on his descision.

    I also have the SE on DVD bootlegged from the Chinese Laserdisks. They are somehwat difficult to watch since the english and chinese subtitles are above and below the picture. So they are an eye distraction.
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