View Poll Results: Have you thought about getting bootleg OT DVDs?

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  • No, I am only going to buy the LFL-approved DVDs

    133 33.76%
  • No, I won't get the OT on DVD, official or bootleg

    5 1.27%
  • Perhaps I've toyed with the idea, but likely no bootlegs for me

    29 7.36%
  • I've thought about it, but haven't made up my mind yet

    28 7.11%
  • I'm seriously considering a bootleg as well as the official DVDs

    146 37.06%
  • I'm seriously considering a bootleg INSTEAD OF the official DVDs

    53 13.45%
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    Re: Have you thought about getting bootleg OT DVDs?

    Ya see, I am not buying the official DVD versions, because they are not they official movie. To hell with all these changes. Its not like adding color to a B&W film, it changed the movie completely from what it once was. Removing characters, adding scenes, George cant see it now, but I am giving him the finger.

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    Re: Have you thought about getting bootleg OT DVDs?

    I purchased a set of OT DVD bootlegs earlier this year, and I am very grateful for it. I watched the Death Star attack from ANH the other night and it was great! And no 'close the blast doors!' either!

    I was going to buy an extra set of LaserDiscs from a friend, but being that I didn't have a LD player and would have to track one down and buy it, it didn't make sense.

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    Re: Have you thought about getting bootleg OT DVDs?

    I am also one that has already bought my bootleg copies. I waited until I saw the specs of the new set. When there was no longer any hope that we would get the originals I hit ebay. I will by the new set but I can't see any reason to shaft your fans because you have a new vision. I loved it when we got the bonus disc of the original Star Wars video game with Rebel Strike. Now the graphics suck and it is boring in comparison with todays games, but I spent tons of money on that game so I'm happy to play it now. I feel the same about the movies. Most of the time I will watch the new version because of the higher quality special effects and sound but the things I remember from the original series like Han shooting first and Luke not screaming like a little baby when he intentionally flings himself down the ventilation shaft are things I will want to see from time to time.
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    Re: Have you thought about getting bootleg OT DVDs?

    I'm buying bootlegs of the OT as soon as I get around to contacting a supplier. I will not buy the official Lucas-approved versions, because they're not the movies I grew up watching and that's money better spent on more toys, anyway.
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    Re: Have you thought about getting bootleg OT DVDs?

    I hadn't really thought about it until now, but I want all 3 versions (Original, SE, and the modified SE) on DVD, so it looks like I'll have to hunt down the originals and SEs somewhere.
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    Angry Re: Have you thought about getting bootleg OT DVDs?

    "This deal is getting worse and worse all the time. . ."

    That sums up my opinion on the upcoming DVD release.
    Hey, the Special Editions were bad enough. . .
    But now more stupid, pointless changes. . .

    Has anybody REALLY thought about how dumb all the stormtroopers
    are going to sound when they talk to one another in the same voice?

    This tinkering is pointless. What?
    There are no volunteer soldiers in the empire?
    Everybody is a clone? LAME!!!

    I wish Lucas would focus on, I dunno, actually making the Prequels good.
    And stop messing with the classics.
    If it ain't broke, don't fix it --- the old saying goes.

    Lucas failed to heed that warning, and now the films are very much broke.
    Damaged so badly, I fear they are now forever beyond repair.

    Lucas has NO respect for his fans.
    Worse than that, he has ZERO respect for his films.
    And it makes me absolutely sick.

    It's as if Da Vinci had simply decided one day to go ahead and repaint Mona Lisa's smile.

    Gee, I guess in the end Lucas really IS nothing without Gary Kurtz.
    Rick McCallum is a big fat idiot.
    Never before has my opinion on someone talent evaporated away so quickly.

    You've ruined, yourself, George. AND your films.

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    Re: Have you thought about getting bootleg OT DVDs?

    Quote Originally Posted by mark2d2
    Has anybody REALLY thought about how dumb all the stormtroopers
    are going to sound when they talk to one another in the same voice?
    Not to mention when clones, who have all their personality repressed, start having a personal conversation outside the tractor beam controls. That oughtta be interesting.

    I'll get the new DVD, partly for the improved quality, partly for the extras. I can accept that this is what George's vision is now.

    However, I want copies of the OT and the 1997 SE's, because, well, the new versions aren't the movies we grew up with. And they're better.

    I can live without bootlegs of TPM and AOTC; even though there were changes made, they were, for the most part, minor. I'd prefer Anakin's hand to remain by his side during the wedding, because that carries so much more weight, but it's not important enough to worry about.
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    Re: Have you thought about getting bootleg OT DVDs?

    If I could get a BL with some cut scenes I wouldnt mind buying one..
    Now im going to have to wait for a huge box set with all of them in it and (hopefully) the cut scenes. How much is this gonna be?
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    Re: Have you thought about getting bootleg OT DVDs?

    I already have the OT on bootleg DVD-I waited until Lucas announced the DVD release and when I knew FOR SURE that we were only getting the SE I caved in and bought them.Funny thing-right after that announcement,ALL the bootleg DVD sales were pulled from ebay due to legal copyright violations-which leads me to believe that somebody at Lucasfilm knew there would be a rush on to get the bootlegs and tried to stop them.I managed to negotiate with a certain smuggler offline and still managed to get a set at a reasonable price-the qualities not the greatest but at least its the versions I know and love.I dont see WHY Lucas didnt do like they did with ET-have one side of the DVD be the SE and the other side be the OT.That way,EVERYONE would be happy and this would have been the biggest selling DVD boxset in history.As it stands,I know I have no desire to purchase the DVDs and I know quite a few other people who are passing on them as well.

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    Re: Have you thought about getting bootleg OT DVDs?

    I am willing to bet that Lucas is going to wait until everyone buys this, as well as the big ol' Archival Editions boxed set (presumably in 2006 or 2007), then say, "You know, I changed my minds about the whole 'no original trilogy' thing."

    I'm a sucker. I'll still buy it.
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