With the recent news of the upcoming Original Trilogy DVD set having even more changes beyond the Special Editions, as well as Lucas saying that we won't be seeing another release of the classic pre-SE versions, many fans have been discussing - pro and con - the possibility of buying or making their own bootleg OT DVDs. There are currently several different OT bootlegs on the market, ranging in quality - from above-VHS decent even with a few extras to fuzzy and having permanent red Chinese subtitles - and sources - from the Definitive Collection laserdiscs to Asian VCDs to poor transfers from the THX videotapes - these bootlegs generally receive mixed reviews, but it hasn't stopped purists from pining away for classic, pre-'97 versions of the film on the DVD format.

So the question is, have you actually thought about getting OT bootleg DVDs, and if so, what was the result?

(If you already own a copy of the bootlegs, please vote for the "I'm seriously considering..." option that best suits your opinion.)