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    Where's the Free Ticket?

    This morning I picked up my new Predator Collector's Edition. Great looking DVD.

    But I opened it up to find NO free AVP movie ticket like it says on the outside of the box!

    Did I miss it? Where is it!?
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    Re: Where's the Free Ticket?

    Are you sure your copy had the sticker on the outside of the box advertising it? It should have been in the booklet pocket next to the DVD's with the chapter listing. If you didn't get one, just take it back and ask for an exchange. And open it in the store, so you're sure to get one.

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    Re: Where's the Free Ticket?

    Hey Jay, i had the same problem with mine, I assume you picked yours up at Target by the a-mall, i noticed the movie wa sans the ticket, went back to get an exchange, and the guest services woman informedme that their copies didnt have a ticket and it was an error on the part of the distributor (20th Century Fox) and to come back some time later (not sure when exactly) but the copies with the ticket will be there soon i was assured. I felt like a jackass going back because of a missing ticket and thought they would probobly turn me down thinking i had taken the ticket and was going to get another, but this was the problem with all their copies. O well I suppose I will get over it and just shell out the 8 bucks to see it anyway.
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    Re: Where's the Free Ticket?

    Exactley mrhat! No ticket. I'll probably take it back and get it form another store for the ticket. I was wondering if I had lost it -then it occured to me that it was never there.
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    Re: Where's the Free Ticket?

    The ticket is a huge draw to be. I can get the DVD on sale for $17. if I subtract the $8 for the ticket (as I was going to see the movie anyhow) That's only $9 for the DVD. So if there was no ticket in mine I'd be super P.O'ed. I'm going to pick mine up today after work, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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