Just a quick note for R2:

I was just thinking about the Mini Heads and checked your site to see how many sets were made and was pretty surprised to see that the second boxed set wasn't listed. If you forgot to include it this is just a reminder. If you don't have it I can take pics of mine for you. LMK.

Another variation I came across that you might be interested in:
We know about the variation with the Luke Jedi that came with the AF Rancor. Well, that's not the only variation with the set. The first released version (Luke without the bone) comes with a display stand with the SILVER logo for the Rancor to stand on. Also, the holes on the Rancor's feet and also on the base to hold him in place are different than the second version. I can send pics of this too if you'd like. If you need images of the emblemless Green A-Wing I have it loose and boxed (GSJ, I'm still on the lookout for one for you). LMK.