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Thread: Luke???

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    I found leia, han, and ben at toys r us for 10.99, but I haven't seen luke anywhere....has it been released yet?

    BTW....Kay Bee had han for 12.99. that's a bit much.

    I really like these figures. Packaging is my favorite.

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    Re: Luke???

    Luke is being found with Darth Vader and Yoda, but not with the first 3.

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    Re: Luke???

    Found both Luke and Yoda at Target this morning! They are indeed out there.

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    Re: Luke???

    And there already about three threads about Luke not being with the ANH wave. Can someone merge these threads? There are also a ton of other threads in the OTC forum section with topics similar to one another.
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    Re: Luke???

    Quote Originally Posted by Darth Jax
    Luke is being found with Darth Vader and Yoda, but not with the first 3.
    Not true. There is (was) a case that contained 3 Lukes, 2 Han, 2 Ben & 1 Leia.

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    Re: Luke???

    Finally found luke. I went to a few more stores and found several actually. when do the figures from the other movies become available?


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