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    Atlanta GA Findings

    The OTC is slowly popping up around here and the VOTC are getting really easy to find. Target, North Point has a bunch of Hans & Lukes today. They had 1 Darth Vader, but I had to pick it up...but this means the new ones are arriving. Walmart- Duluth was starting to stock VOTC the other day, sawe Ben, Han and Leia. I passed on Leia because the funds were low. So far I've had to pick up 2 of each after seeing them, but I think there will be plenty to go around. Anyone else in the Atl area? Let me know if you spot Yoda, or anything else!
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    Re: Atlanta GA Findings

    No Yoda or Vaders yet, but I finally found a Luke (several) at Northlake TRU.

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    Re: Atlanta GA Findings

    Yeah that was the first and last time I saw Yoda yet and now Luke is everywhere in mass quantities. Have you seen leia lately? I could kick myself for passing it up when I saw it, because I haven't seen one since!! Let me know if you're looking for something and I may be able to help you find it, sound like you live kind of close by.
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