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    Unleashed Tusken Raider review

    I scored the Tusken Raider and Bossk today at F & S's for $15 a pop, and gotta say, they are very nice (Bossk is a classic). Of the two, I am reviewing the T. Raider.

    Packaging: Well, it is loud, bright and gets the job done. Nuff said there.

    Sculpt: The Tusken Raider is sure in an unleashed pose. While I wish he could do a sort of classic two handed Gaffi pose over his head (with both hands holding the weapon), I like what the sculptor has done here - this guy looks mean, deadly, and ready to take on someone. The wrikles are where they should be, the details in the cloth and on the arms and head are all distinct - the belt is nicely detailed (one pouch is open) as well. The gaffi stick looks really imposing as well, which is always nice. The belt and the neck thingie are separate from the main part of the body sculpt, but given the lack of any articulation, there is little you can do to adjust or move them at all.

    Paint: While the sculpt is excellent, the paint job is good, but not great. Compare this to the OTC Tusken Raider fig, and you can see where Hasbro could have gone with this to really make the piece jump out. It still does this thanks to the excellent sculpt, but the paint job is a bit bland, but way, way better looking in the detail dept than the EP II Tusken Raider we got a couple of years back.

    Articulation: other than the right arm that can be exchanged for the gun, none.

    Accessories: we get two arms: one for the Rifle, and the other with the Gaffi stick. Now, if you want, you can use the other arm to pose near the stand as a kind of gruesome diorama, or not. The base looks good, but really just services to help the fig stand, which it does without issue once you peg the leg in - the plastic for the stand is a bit harder in material than say the Fett Unleashed, so if displaying this on wood, as I am, make sure to not scratch the surface you rest this on.

    Overall: if you are a fan of the Unleashed line, Tusken Raiders, or both, this is a 'do not miss' piece. My score: B+ (the paint deco being somewhat muted held back an 'A' rating)

    BTW: I have to point out that the new unleashed come with a much better OTC booklet, that has a full checklist in the back listing all the figs in the line.
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    Re: Unleashed Tusken Raider review

    Good review. What's F&S's?
    The website

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    Re: Unleashed Tusken Raider review

    Its stands for Frank & Son's collectible show that happens Wed and Sat in the City of Industry, Ca.

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    Re: Unleashed Tusken Raider review

    That's neat, cause we used to go to City of Industry quite a bit to go to Ikea. I don't know if we'll be going as much once ours opens.
    The website

    The Wookie has no pants!

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    Re: Unleashed Tusken Raider review

    Yeah, this one is awesome. My two minor issues are that the head is painted way too dark for my tastes and I would LOVE to have both hands on the Gaffi stick. Otherwise, well worth the $$$


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