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    OTC Millenium Falcon Question

    So, I saw this vehicle in stores for the first time this weekend, in the TRU in Times Square. I didn't so much balk at the $60 price as I did question whether it was worth it or not. Looking at the box didn't answer all the questions I need answered to make this determination, so I thought I would ask the experts.

    First, does the new cockpit sculpt really make a difference? This is my #1 consideration in whether I get this vehicle or not. If I can fit Han and Chewie into the cockpit with little or no effort or problems with the new sculpt, I am probably getting the new Falcon.

    Second, what sound effects does the OTC Falcon make? The POTF2 Falcon had a fly-by, cheesy laser sounds, a "jump to hyperspace," and an alarm sound. All the same on the new ship?

    Third, just how bright is the illumination on the engines?

    Is there anything else I should know about the new Falcon before contemplating the purchase?

    As always, thanks in advance for any and all assistance.

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    Re: OTC Millenium Falcon Question

    The cockpit is completely different. Its hard to describe, but basically before yopu had the seat and dashboard molded into the bottom half of that section, the the top part just as the canopy. Now the dashboard is attached to the canopy and open from the top center, so you can stick whoever in the conck and then close down the dashbard/ canopy on top of them. I got mechanic Chewie in fine, and if you try real hard you can get the newer Han Solo in there with him.

    The sound affects I think are excellent. I never heard the POTF2 one, but basically theres one that is the engine warming up (doesnt sound familar to me), the a boost sound that syncs with the lights in the back. Then there is a laser sound thats from ANH, then a fly-by sound synced with the lights, and the a boost sound, like its taking the hell off fast, and the lights in the back are more intense, then calms down to the normal hyper drive sound.

    The rear engin lights are very impressive. I was worrisome about far intense the would be. They are easily viewable in normal light and awsome in the dark. The extra boost button changes the light from the blue you nromally see to a white blue, which visably is more intense and not just turning off a bulb.

    On another note, the plastic is very white and almost glossy. The Falcon looks just like the outside packaging and not the test photo they show at the hasbro site. There are a good bit of stickers to put on, but the are all just small decals here in there to add more variety to the pre-painted markings. Its really nice.

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    Re: OTC Millenium Falcon Question

    Please refer to the Review thread. Your questions and many others are answered there.
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