As per title, this figure has only recently started showing up here on our "exclusive to Canada" (so far) "Starburst" OTC cardbacks. The figure is the 2003 Saga Fett: Pit of Carkoon in it's blue incarnation. The card is in very nice shape, no noticeable creases or bubble flaws.

The value of these figures is currently being decided on ebay, where the Starburst Vader has fetched in excess of $20.00 US recently. Vader has been one per case so so far, Fett has been found in only 1 of 3 case breakdowns. For anyone interested, I'm also in possession of the following Starburst figures: Jedi Luke (1 per case so far), X-Wing Luke (1 per case), Greedo (1 per 3 cases), Dagobah Luke (5 per 3 cases), Dagobah Yoda (5 per 3 cases), Dagobah R2 (5 per 3 cases), and Dagobah Spirit Obi Wan (1 per case).

The cost of these figures for me was 10.25 (CDN) each, with taxes. It will cost me close to another 10.00 to ship (small boxes are $4 each, the air mail postage between $5 and $6 depending on where it's going) for a total of $20.00 CDN - or very close to $15 US. It may sound like I'm trying to scalp, but I don't think that's the case. Both the figures and the shipping are more expensive for us than they are for you guys and gals getting them at major retail in the US.

In exchange for Fett, I'm asking for 3 OTC basic figures (loose, mint, complete will do fine) from the following list:

Dagobah R2
Dagobah Spirit Obi Wan
Twin Pod Cloud Car Pilot x2
X-Wing Luke
Clean R2D2
Tusken Raider
Gammorean Guard
Bib Fortuna
Scanning Crew Trooper

If you're looking for any Canadian carded figures, please let me know. I'll do the best I can to accomodate any requests. I shop a lot, and have reasonably good luck finding what I'm looking for. Thanks for having a look.