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    Your best steals? coincide with the thread on the most you've ever paid for a figure, I thought I'd start one to ask what's the best you've ever gotten for a rare fig.

    Here's mine:

    R2D2 w/ Holo Leia: $6.50 last week off of Ebay. Came to $12 with s/h.

    Jorj Sacul: $32 also last week off of Ebay. Wanted it so badly when it was going regularly for $100, but waiting paid off.

    POTF2 Orange Card: Luke w/ Tan Vest, Boba w/ half circles on hands, and all longsabers including Obi Wan with half picture on card, all Deluxe POTF2 figures, all orange cards and a 12 inch Han on Tauntaun - I got these for trade for an Episode I double -sided teaser poster that I got when I was working at a movie theater. These were going for $200 when they first hit EBAY (when EPI was the hottest thing on Earth in November 1998 - now they go for $10), but I didn't want to get into trouble with Lucasfilm so I traded them instead of selling (our district manager gave these double-sided posters out to employees at an employee meeting - I got lucky).
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    Re: Your best steals?

    I found most of the POTF2 figures at retail so I suppose my best finds would be retail price on the following.

    -FF Sandtrooper
    -FF Boba Fett
    -FF Zuckuss
    -FF TIE Pilot
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    Re: Your best steals?

    Probably the POTF2 AT-AT for $10 on clearance at TRU. Too bad I paid $80 or so for one when it first came out.

    I also bought Watto's Box Cinema Scene for $8 at KB Toys. Like many hard to find items, the first time I ever saw Watto's Box at retail was almost a year after it was released and it was half price. Sometimes you just gotta love the crappy distribution problems.

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    Re: Your best steals?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ji'dai
    Probably the POTF2 AT-AT for $10 on clearance at TRU.

    Ditto, but paid like 30 for it.
    thanks Chux Turbo LBC Bobafrett Mtriv73 Rjarvis JF96 JT JMG FB Rogue2 Tycho Slicker Deoxy Caesar JontheJedi JJReason Brandon Solo JMS UK for great deals.
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    Re: Your best steals?

    I bought the vintage B-Wing MIB at the San Diego Comic Con back in 1995 for $100. Then I went out for lunch, feeling guilty about my costly purchase. I found $100 in cash on the sidewalk, and amazingly, my guilt went away!

    Too bad for the person who lost the money though.

    This was the same conevention where I passed over a MOC Droids Boba Fett for $60, because I thought $60 was too much to pay for the art on the card. That was the dumbest thing I did in terms of purchasing/non-purchasing.

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    Re: Your best steals?

    Quote Originally Posted by B'Omarr Monkey
    I bought the vintage B-Wing MIB at the San Diego Comic Con back in 1995 for $100. Then I went out for lunch, feeling guilty about my costly purchase. I found $100 in cash on the sidewalk, and amazingly, my guilt went away!

    Too bad for the person who lost the money though.
    That was YOU?!? I lost a C-note on my way to bail my buddy out of jail who'd jaywalked while buying a ferret with counterfeit bills. Thanks a lot, B'OM...

    Like Hellboy, I've bought virtually all my figs and sets at retail, but there were a few I had to get elsewhere, such as:

    - Queen's Royal Starship for $29.95 (turns out it was missing one break-away panel, though ) at TRU
    - Holo R2 for $2.99 at TRU
    - Teebo for $6 at a shop (about a couple months ago)
    - Closed hand Tusken Raider for $2.99 (with a coupon, if you bought three or more figs) from now-out-of-business Play Co. Toys

    That's 'bout it.
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    Re: Your best steals?

    Here are a few that come to mind.

    Finding Action Fleet stuff, such as 2 Tie Defenders at a Rite Aid for $10.79 and $12.99 during the summer of 1999. They now go on E-Bay for $150+

    Finding a rare Action Fleet A-Wing Green Squadron, minus emblem at a card shop in Toronto for roughly $12.

    Figure wise, not too many rare finds, but pricy steals such as paying $2.38 for a Clone Wars Durge and Concept Stormie (Thanks VT ) paying $3.97 for a couple of Amanamans and spending only $6.99 for a two-pack of a Clone Wars Anakin & Blue Clonie. Regretfully, I only had enough to buy him and not the other 3 packs that were available.
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    Re: Your best steals?

    My best buy was actually two R2 w/holo Leia's at TRU for I think $1.99. I'm not one to horde hard to find action figures so I think I gave one away for Christmas and if I'm not mistaken I think I still have an extra somewhere but my entire collection is unfortunately in storage until a date to be announced so I don't quite know where it is.
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    Re: Your best steals?

    I was able to grab a bunch of army builders at KB Toy Outlet for buy one get one free ($2.99 each makes that about $1.50 each after coupon).

    Bought a ep2 Slave 1 and a few Lego sets for $3.00 at Kmart.

    Bought a few POTF2 figures for $1 at Walmart. This was way after POTF2 was released. They must have been found hidden somewhere and they threw $1 sticker on them to get rid of them. I believe they were a Sandtropper and At St driver.

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    Re: Your best steals?

    a crap load of ctc stormies & artoos w/holo leia for a dollar and some odd cents each! I rolled into tru right after they put them out in a huge bin...just me and one other super nice guy calmly went through them and got a bunch for ourselves and friends! It was a pretty cool experience. Then that very weekend I saw each one at frank and sons for $20 and $60 respectively.
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