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    Re: WOTC's SW Miniatures

    Well then if you go by my analogy, your getting 4 1/2 booster "free". It's definitely a GREAT deal. If you get two cases, your chances of getting some of the Very Rare minis is high and you'll have a shot at getting most of the rares as well. Certainly you will complete your commons and uncommons, even in one case of boosters.

    Shoot, I should have done that from the start!

    Guess I know what I'll be doing when Clone Strike comes out in November.

    That's a great way to save money. Besides, what you don't get in the way of rares and very rares, you can then splurge a little on eBay and not feel "guilty" about it.

    This is definitely the way to go folks. I should have shopped around a bit more myself. Well, I guess I learned my lesson for the next set.
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    Re: WOTC's SW Miniatures

    I thought you should be pleased to see this first figure from the Clone Wars collection : The Picador on Orray.
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    Re: WOTC's SW Miniatures

    Meaning no disrespect but I reported on this on 9/16. That as well as the second minifig to be revealed on 9/20.

    You can go here for proof of both of those: and respectively.

    Also, WOTC has revealed the third and fourth minifigs.

    Go hear to see the third one (Weequay Mercenary):

    and here for the fourth (Dwarf Spider Droid):

    The Dwarf Spider droid is a "large" minifig taking up 4 squares. Like the Wampa or Dewback for instance.
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