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    WOTC's SW Miniatures

    Hey people.. Are any of you guys going to collect the SW Miniatures that are coming out? After I saw that pic I got hooked... (
    I think these look really good and I will defenitly be buying these. Just a couple of questions though for anyone who might know: Are these going to be sold like those hero clicks things? and.. how much are they going to be?
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    Re: WOTC's SW Miniatures

    I'm on the fence about those. I've pretty much whittled my collecting to the 3 3/4" line (including vehicles and playsets).

    To be honest I think the execution on these is a bit disappointing. So, it really depends on how these are made available and what the price for them will be. If they come in sets for $10 or so with no chase characters, I may do it. My interest stems from the likelihood that we'll see more of the obscure background characters in these small scale sets, that we will in the 3 3/4" line.

    If these are going to be offered like the hero clicks, then I'm staying away from them. It's just one more thing I don't want to be spending my time hunting all over the place for, especially if there are going to be chase figures.

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    Re: WOTC's SW Miniatures

    Hmm.. some of them look like the toys you get out of a quarter vending machine. If these figurines were like the old Action Masters die cast ones I'd probably buy them.

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    Re: WOTC's SW Miniatures

    I would assume since WOTC is making this as a game similar to Heroclix, then they'll be available in the same manner. So I'm guessing a $20 starter pack with about 4 figures, then booster packs of 4 for around $8, booster packs of 2 for around $4. There'll probably be set up in a common/uncommon/rare style, so some will be rare. Of course, they'll be blind packaged so you won't know who you're getting.

    But I may be wrong, cause some figures like the Wampa & Jabba would be too big to fit in the Heroclix box. I guess we'll have to wait and see. Anyone know when these come out?
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    Re: WOTC's SW Miniatures

    Im pretty sure they come out in september. (I saw a preorder case on ebay and they said it ships early september)
    If you guys do collect these would you want to trade your doubles?
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    Re: WOTC's SW Miniatures

    I am definetly going to be collecting these miniatures and I would be happy to do trading with you becuase I do plan on buying the whole set. So far I have all of the promotional mini's except the Gen Con Wookiee Soldier which I am still trying to track down.

    Now to answer some of your questions:

    The official release date of the star wars miniatures line is September 3rd.

    The starter set comes with 10 miniature figures. It has 8 random figures plus an exclusive darth vader and Luke Skywalker.

    [font=Arial]The starter set will retail for $19.99.[/font]

    [font=Arial]Each booster pack will contain 7 miniatures (1 rare or very rare, 2 uncommon, and 4 common) and will retail for $12.99.[/font]

    [font=Arial]Hope this helps![/font]
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