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    Cool new OTC carded images

    Here's the link

    Gotta say, love the new ANH Vader card - with all the Stormies in the background. No one throw tomatoes, but I like the repainted Bib.
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    Re: Cool new OTC carded images

    Those are awesome!!

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    Re: Cool new OTC carded images

    That background photo on the Hoth Vader looks almost 3D. For a minute there, I thought we might be getting part of the Echo Base wall. It's probably an optical illusion in the photo caused by poor lighting though.

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    Re: Cool new OTC carded images

    I love the repainted Bib Fortuna and Gamorrean Guard! Those Darth Vaders look very nice. I will have to get both of them. I already have the rest except for the soft goods Leia, which I will also buy. Thanks for the link!

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    Re: Cool new OTC carded images

    Those all look very cool, especially the Vader with all the Stormtroopers in the background!

    Thanks for sharing the link!

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    Re: Cool new OTC carded images

    I'm in total agreeance that these are totally awesome. I personally like repaints of older not so good figures. The one that I'm waiting for though is a resculpt/repaint of Han Carbonite. That along with Boussch are about the only two that I can think of that haven't been resculpted or repainted that I really would love to get that treatment.
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    Re: Cool new OTC carded images

    No tomatoe throwing from this direction. All of these figs look great and the packaging enhances them 10 fold. But the one figure I'm waiting for them to repack/resculpt/repaint is Han Carbonite from way back in the POTF2 series.
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    Re: Cool new OTC carded images

    Hoth Vader looks sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet, as do the rest.
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    Re: Cool new OTC carded images

    Hoth vader is sweet

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    Re: Cool new OTC carded images

    Considering this is a line of re-releases (with repaint action on some), I am having the most fun with this line than any other in a long, long time.
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