The official site today announced that Aayla Secura [Quinlan Vos'] blue Twi'lek girl apprentice will be portrayed by a real-life, flesh and blood extra (model / actress)!

Word was Lucas saw the "Darkness" story arc (when Quinlan battles the Anzati Dark Jedi and his legion of vampires) and liked the Aayla cover and said "put her in the movie!"

She will be a background Jedi getting some action during a big battle sequence in Episode 2 (let's discuss Aayla and no spoilers - those who know the movie story already know which battle Aayla would likely appear in).

So is it cool?

Do you think Aayla will die in this sequence?

Think we'll get our second EU action figure from Prequel comics? (if Deluxe Maul was the first? ...or I don't know if you count Snowbi-Wan's brief appearence in Jedi Quest (as the figure is the wrong age to be from that comic regardless if the outfit is the same). Anyway, we do have 3 Twi'lek chics in our collection already, and Ann and Tan Gella (Sebulba's massage girls) are blue Twi'leks as well.

So how many blue Twi'lek chics should Hasbro make? Aayla Secura is now a movie character and just as legit as Sebulba's girls...and Aayla is a female Jedi Knight we'll get to see whoop some Anzati....!

What do you think?