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    Vintage plastic bags.

    [font=Arial]I have a question about the 3 3/4 inch vintage star wars figures. Do the Kenner bags that some of the figures came in say on them "Kenner Made in Hong Kong" on the bags? I bought a figure and it's in a bag, but the bag doesn't say nothing on it, and it is heat sealed. The guy said it was an original Kenner bag, just without the writing on it. Is this true, or did I get taken.[/font]

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    Re: Vintage plastic bags.

    I hate to sat it but it is possible.

    -is the bag worn? sort of clouded?
    -what figure is it?
    -what did you pay?
    -if you examine the figure inside does it look mint? No paint rubs, dirt, etc.
    -is it complete with weapon?

    The Kenner bags that I have come across usually have something printed on them. Things like 'Hong Kong' and the Kenner stamp are usual. I myself would be leary of a bag without writing on it.

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    Re: Vintage plastic bags.

    Some of the kenner bgas have no writing on the bags. I have a few and they are legit. By the way, can you email me vader121.

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    Re: Vintage plastic bags.

    No offense but it sounds like a fake. As was previously said, i would need to see it or scans of it to pass a better judgement. Rule of thumb is to check out which figures were typically bagged. ie mail-in's or playset figures. Stansweet i believe put out a book with examples in it of bagged figures..... the refrence may help.
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    Re: Vintage plastic bags.

    I only have one Bagged Figure (Pruneface) and it's got the Kenner logo on it.

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    Re: Vintage plastic bags.

    Actually I do have a Boba Fett in a bag with no writing on it and it looks legit to me but I could be wrong. To me he is and that's my story and I'm stickin' to it. Will probably never get another one due to the $.

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    Re: Vintage plastic bags.

    Just so everyone is clear on this ...
    These plain/unmarked baggies are 100% legit.

    They were first introduced in 1982 and were included in some ESB catalog multipacks. They were carried over into many ROTJ era multipacks as well.


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    Re: Vintage plastic bags.


    I actually own a bag containing the "Droids" C-3PO and R2. Both are the animated style figures and are together in a blank, heat sealed bag.
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    Re: Vintage plastic bags.

    The Droids figures were not issued in Kenner baggies.
    I'd be curious to see what you have there.

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    Re: Vintage plastic bags.

    Thats what I thought too Andy R. But the figures are in perfect condition too. I'll see if I can post a pic.
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