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    Question Star Wars Fact Files

    Just wondering if anyone here knows how to get hold of them. I've got 1 - 31 and I believe the set will end or has ended at 72. I can't even find these on Ebay I checked their website but it's messed up and frankly, I don't think they update often, if at all. These things are great...each issue is chaulk full o' great pictures and information about the OT and the prequels with subsections of characters, vehicles and droids to name a few. These things even rival the "Star Wars Chronicles" book! If anyone knows where I can get these, please let me know... These are European released by DiAgostini.

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    Re: Star Wars Fact Files

    I collect the factfiles. The current issue is around #137. They are full of information and great pictures that you dont always see on official sites. Ive got you an address and web address. . Back issues dept, De Agostini UK Ltd, PO box 600, Hastings, TN35 4TJ.
    Hope this helps if not dont be afraid to ask. I warn you now they are not the best to deal with so if you can get an international newsagent to order them for you that would be best. I Have to order mine through the previews magazine that all good comic book stores use, that really is your best bet to try.
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    Re: Star Wars Fact Files

    Thanks DS! These really are great little files and to have the entire collection would be awesome! I'll give that site a try.

    Thanks again!
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    Re: Star Wars Fact Files

    The Japanese version is ended #121.And I heard a news that english will be ended #140 or #141.Not confirm yet.
    Here is the link to see all Japanese version covers:
    Japanese SW Fact File


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