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    Exclamation When children see your SW collection...

    I love kids. I really do love them. Unfortunately there is that pesky toy collection that I have in my one room. They don't realise that it is a collection and not really to be played with.

    Recently, my partner's mom came by and saw the toys. Her comment to me was, "Ooooh! Wait until jake sees that room! He's just going to go crazy in there!"

    My reaction was "" as the image my mind conjured was that of one of those giant tree eating machines. You know the ones; they turn an entire tree into a pile of sawdust.

    Note to self... build shelves higher.
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    Re: When children see your SW collection...

    I have a little girl, three years old now. She is acutely aware of the gold mine that exists in the other room. Thankfully, she is more interested in barbies and the Disney Princesses than my collection. We are expecting a boy six weeks from now so I have a little time to figure out what to do. Interestingly enough, my little girl asked me the other night if I liked Snow White when I was little. I replied of coarse (it was easier this way). After a brief second she asked if I liked Snow White better than Star Wars. I thought this was a neat question and made me realize that she's aware of my hobby.
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    Re: When children see your SW collection...

    I can completely relate. I have two kids of my own. My son will be 4 at the end of September and he's the main reason I don't have any of my stuff out right now. Since he has SW toys of his own, he recognizes them as toys, and does not distinguish his, which are meant to be played with in a manner that includes paint being rubbed off, while mine are supposed to be "just for looking."

    This came about when I put some of my vinyl Japanese monster toys out on shelves in my office. I'd keep finding them off the shelf, or laying down on the shelf. He'd say he was "just looking" which meant removing them all and manipulating them. Again, he has his own Godzilla toys, so this is understandable.

    I put those away and have replaced them with my collection of 8" Sideshow Universal Monsters. I told him those were "statues" not toys, and were very fragile. So far, he has not touched any of them.

    He is starting to get the idea that my toys are not for playing with, but now there are other kids from the neighborhood in and out of the house all the time, and they and their parents I don't think will really get that, so for now, my more tempting toys are all put away.

    Before I had my own kids, I had a similar experience, where parents who were visiting me with their kids, did not respect that boundary. One friend of mine was house sitting for me once. She brought her 5-year old boy over, and let him go wild with my toys, some of which were broken. Others were removed from their vintage packaging, which was torn to shreds--and thrown out by the parent. Let's just say there were harsh words exchanged. When she offered to pay to replace them, her jaw dropped when she heard the price, and this was before ebay, so there was the whole matter of finding them again. She never replaced them, refused to in fact, for what I was telling her they were worth, tried blaming me because what was I doing with toys in my apartment in the first place if I didn't expect kids to play with them, and how ungrateful I was since she was doing me a huge favor by bringing in my mail and watering my plants. This started a whole new round of arguing. Needless to say, we are no longer friends.

    In a way that's too bad, because she had a decent collection of expensive pottery, which I'd like to unleash my kids on just to see how she likes it.

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    Re: When children see your SW collection...

    While I don't have any kids, my recently married brother will bring over his wife and her numerous nieces and nephews to my house. There really isn't much to do for the younger kids, so inevitably she will bring them to my room and let them look at my Star Wars collection.

    The little ones especially are fascinated by everything I have, must be like walking into an FAO Schwarz for them. While the majority of my collection is boxed, I have a large display of figures that I have opened, numbering around 60 figures or so, plus tons of loose Action Fleet/Micro Machines and a few odd loose vehicles. This stuff I don't mind that they look, touch or play, since as long as they put them back in their proper place (usually with my help). If they don't, that's when the beatings commence
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    Re: When children see your SW collection...

    I used to have a problem with my girlfriends children wanting to touch them all the time. I came up with a unique way of stopping them. I had a few bits left over from a botched Han stormtrooper I had made(arms, torso etc). What I did was, when they came home from school one day, I left the collection of han bits on the side where their mum would see it.
    The first thing she said was"what happened?" which I said "I have no was ok this morning" she blamed the kids(heh...heh)

    Anyway....both kids no longer have any interest in "MY" toys and try not to even look at them if they can help it.

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    Re: When children see your SW collection...

    Well, when I lived in NYC, no kids ever saw my collection. When I moved to Va, Angela had two kids. I was very hesitant about putting them out. I hung them on the wall(MOC).
    We told the kids not to touch them. Jacob, would sit in the middle of the room and stare at them for hours on end. He knew he couldnt touch them so it was good. He has never touched them with out myself or Angela being in the room, and even then, he is very cautious.

    When some neighborhood kids come by, they see the collection and basically drop their jaws in awe. I get remarks like "You have more toys than I do" or "WOW!!!!!, I never seen so many toys".

    One thing I learned is never let the kids stare to long. They go into a blank stare and then they might start convulsing and go into a seizure. Not that it has ever happened, but we wouldnt want that to happen either.
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    Re: When children see your SW collection...

    That is hilarious!!! Yeah... I'm just flinching at the thought of what Jake or his other siblings might do thinking they are "playing" toys... *sigh*
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    Re: When children see your SW collection...

    Now that I think of it, I've got my coworkers asking me what their kids can play with when they bring them in to the office. My response up until recently was, "nothing." Since I am getting in the habit of opening things up, I have clearly laid out for them the yes and no's. Yeses include two palm talkers (a kid pleaser): Boba Fett and Stormtrooper, a 12" Dengar and Zuckuss, and a few loose figures (the kids seem to gravitate towards Tanus). After that, it is death to those who mess with my stuff! Is it just me or can anyone else tell when their stuff has been displaced?
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    Re: When children see your SW collection...

    Only a select few have seen the mighty collection of mine, but that includes my niece and nephew. My niece doesn't really care much for it. Hell, i let her sit upstairs and watch "Pirates of the Carribean" and I didn't have to worry about her. My nephew on the other hand, who is nearly 8, loved to go upstairs and wander around to see what he could glance at. Most of it is boxed, but lately i just toss stuff upstairs and don't put it in any rubbermaid packs or anything. He eyes them and when i got the ML wave 6, i actually had to hide them as mom told me she had seen him eyeing them with much curiosity. However, he is becoming a toy geek himself and when he said, "uncle mike, i'm trying to buy one figure of each villian and each hero" a solemn tear of geekery slid down my cheek.

    Anybody touches the collection without being touched first is deemed KICKED OUT and aren't allowed within 50 feet of it.
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    Re: When children see your SW collection...

    My wife's best friend's son has been over a few times and loves to look at stuff. He seems respectful enough of everything for a 6-year old, but he always tells his mom how cool it is to look at my stuff, and as long as he's careful I don't mind him handling the figures.

    I came home once a few years ago to find my niece playing with her Beautiful Braids Padme and my 12" Tusken Raider. I almost had a hissyfit, but I had to laugh when I heard, "Who am I? I'm the Queen, and I have no idea who you're supposed to be, Mummyman!"
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