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    GSJ, Interested in selling any of those?
    Khoo-Ha...Please Pass The Jelly.

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    While we are on the business of listing our AF collection, here comes mine right at ya. The (l) stands for loose and the (b) boxed:

    A-wing Starfighter original hatch (l)
    A-wing Starfighter (blaster marks) (b)
    A-wing Starfighter (Green) (b)
    A-wing Starfighter (Green, no emblem) (b)
    Bespin Twin-Pod Cloud Car (l) & (b)
    B-wing Starfighter (l) & (b)
    Darth Vader's Tie Fighter (original size) (l)
    Darth Vader's Tie Fighter (b)
    Darth Vader's Tie Fighter (loose from Death Star Playset)
    Imperial AT-AT Walker (l) & (b)
    Imperial Shuttle Tyderium (l) & (b)
    Incom T-16 Skyhopper (l)
    Jabba's Sail Barge (b)
    Jawa Sandcrawler (l) & (b) <-----thanks to VT
    Rancor (l)
    Rebel Blockade Runner (l) & (b)
    Rebel Snowspeeder (l) & (b)
    Rebel Snowspeeder (Rogue 2) (b)
    Rebel Snowspeeder Battle Damaged (loose from Hoth Playset)
    Slave 1 (l) & (b)
    Tie Bomber (l) & (b)
    Tie Defender (b)
    Tie Fighter (l) & (b)
    Tie Interceptor (l) & (b)
    X-wing Starfighter (Dagobah, Toyfare Exclusive) (b)
    X-wing Starfighter (Jek Porkins) (b)
    X-wing Starfighter (loose from Yavin 4 playset)
    X-wing Starfighter (Luke Skywalker) (l) & (b)
    Y-wing Starfighter (l) & (b)
    Y-wing Starfighter (Blue Leader) (b)
    Y-wing Starfighter (Gold Leader) (b)

    Action Fleet Flight Controllers
    X-wing Starfighter (b)

    All of my loose collections 1-8 contain the extra character

    Battle Pack #1 Speeder Bikes (l) & (b)
    Battle Pack #2 AT-ST (l) & (b)
    Battle Pack #3 Bantha (l)
    Battle Pack #4 Dewback (l) & (b)
    Battle Pack #5 Shadows of the Empire (l) & (b)
    Battle Pack #6 Desert Skiff (l) & (b)
    Battle Pack #7 Escape Pod (l) & (b)
    Battle Pack #8 Jabba (l) & (b)
    Battle Pack #9 Ewoks (l) & (b)
    Battle Pack #10 Ronto (l) & (b)
    Battle Pack #11 Landspeeder (l) & (b)
    Battle Pack #13 Hoth (l)
    Battle Pack #14 Death Star Escape (b)
    Battle Pack #17 Imperial Pilots (b) <--------Thanks to GSJ

    Action Fleet Playsets
    Death Star (l) & (b)
    Ice Planet Hoth (l)
    Yavin 4 (l) & (b)

    Action Fleet Alpha Series
    Bespin Twin-Pod Cloud Car (b)
    B-Wing Starfighter (b)
    Imperial AT-AT Walker (b)
    Imperial Shuttle Tyderium (b)
    Rebel Snowspeeder (l) & (b)
    X-Wing Starfighter (l) & (b)

    Episode 1 Action Fleet (it's a near embarrassment)
    Flash Speeder (b)
    Naboo Starfighter (l) & (b)
    Republic Cruiser (l) & (b)
    Sebulba's Podracer (trilingual) (l) & (b)
    Trade Federation MTT (l) & (b)

    Episode 1 Action Fleet Playset
    Podracer Hanger Bay (b)

    Sneak Preview set w/Gian Speeder and Captain Panaka (l) & (b)

    Action Fleet Starship Troopers
    Battle Pack #2 (Brain Bug) (b)
    Battle Pack #6 (Tanker Bug) (b)

    There it is I am proud to say. The AF collection is now 6 years old, and I am hopeful that I can add more ships to the fleet in 2002.
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    Re: oh one more thing........

    Originally posted by good shot jansen
    shinky, if you want, you may send to me the trophy maul for jedi goofy, i have a package which i will be mailing to him in the near future, and i can include the trophy maul as well. and if i'm not mistaken, lbc, you have something for jedi goofy as well, post it to me too, and i will enclose it in the italy bound package as well
    Hmmmm. . . . GSJ or Goofy, I can't remember what was it I was supposed to send. I know I am sending something to Britcit, but I am not quite sure that I have something for Goofy (although I might have commited something some time ago and forgot). Would you kindly refresh my memory
    "The dark side clouds everything. Impossible to see, the future is. But this I am sure of - do their duty the Jedi will." --Yoda from Attack of the Clones.

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    Wink Message in a bottle ...

    Hi gsj and s43,
    thank you very much for your help!

    I will be more than happy if you can include the Trophy Maul into the package that gsj is sending to me. (of course I will pay for everything; if it is OK for you I would prefer to send the total to gsj, then I hope he can forward the money to the others).

    I do not remember if lbc had something for me but, if I can use this thread to throw my message in a bottle, here is a list of what I am still looking for:
    * Cloud Car Pilot
    * Snowspeeder (grey version) from Action Fleet Series Alpha (possibly with a Rebel Pilot and a Rebel Gunner)
    * Trade Federation Tank (exploding or rotating turret) and Trade Federation MTT (large version, firing) from Trade Federation MTT/Naboo Battlefield Mega Deluxe Action Set
    * Landspeeder display stand and AT-ST display stand from KB Exclusive 2-Pack
    * Trade Federation Droid Control Ship from Battle of Naboo Hallmark keepsake

    As you can see they are just parts of complete items (and the complete item is too big or too expensive) and for this reason it is difficult for me to find them on eBay.

    If any of you can help me with these I will be very close to complete my collection (all the meaningful variations in AF and MM vehicles).
    (then I will be just missing AF Gungan Sub, AF A-wing internal hinge, and AF Imperial Shuttle internal hinge, but I am quite sure to be able to find them on eBay, sooner or later )


    P.S. If any of you is interested I have a new version (with some additions) of the list we compiled (with the help of gsj) with the list of MM and AF vehicles variations. It is in Excel format. If interested please let me know and I will e-mail it. I am trying to maintain the list as complete as possible and you can help me. Bye!

    P.P.S. Merry Christmas to everybody! :happy:
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    I really don't know at this point.I was really big on them for a while and bought them every chance I chould.But sadly they are in a few boxes because I don't have room for them at this time.Hopefully that will change soon.
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    Re: Message in a bottle ...

    From JediGoofy:

    P.P.S. Merry Christmas to everybody! :happy: [/B][/QUOTE]

    Let me too wish everybody here on SirSteves and especially the MM Board Happy Holidays! In keeping with the situation. . .
    "The dark side clouds everything. Impossible to see, the future is. But this I am sure of - do their duty the Jedi will." --Yoda from Attack of the Clones.

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    GSJ: Sending JediGoofy's Trohy Maul to you is fine with me. Just let me know your address. BTW, I picked up 2 of them in case anyone else wanted it. So, if you or anyone else you know needs one just let me know. The KB I got them from actually has about 10 more (but it's about an hour away so I don't get there very often) so if anyone else wants it let me know.

    JediGoofy: Please forward the excel list of AFs to me.


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    Red face afs? i don't got or want many, but:

    -all 7 alpha minis (some thanx 2 gsj)
    -stap from one of the miniscenes cuz it's mm sized & got great detail
    -af droideka figure from one of the miniscenes cuz it looks cool on the holobraid stand :happy:

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    Well Shinakuma , I recounted and I found that I have 31 AF things. Most of the vehicles I have are loose except for the Slave 1 , Trade Federation MTT, and the Naboo Fighter. I have 8 packaged battlepacks and 1 packaged mini scene. Everything else is loose. I guess 31 isn't too bad , but I'd like to have a lot more. Whenever I want to buy something new , I'm always broke.
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    I just dug out the boxes that they were stored in and the shelfs to go with them.I'll make a list and post it as soon as I get them up. I bet I don't have as much as most of you. I stop collecting them and went to figures,so I missed a good deal of them.
    "I have a bad feeling about this".

    "Just when I remembered what it was,I forgot where I put it."


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