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Thread: Who is this?

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    Who is this?

    I was searching KB Toys online, and I found something interesting. There is a small picture at the top of the page I was looking at and there is a character there that I have never seen. It looks like C-3PO from Episode 1, but not quite.
    Here is the link (I hope it works; if not, just go to and search for Star Wars):

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    It's conceptual art for C-3PO, found in the "Art of Ep 1" book.
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    I saw the same picture (more of him though) in the 2002 Concept Calender which has "concept pictures of a character/ship or scene" then has a final picture of it from the movie,very nice I admit and wouldnt mind a figure of him or any of the other characters in it.Dath Maul looked a hundred times better with his much cooler cloak,Thats one maul figure I want!!!!!Too bad I didn't buy it yet
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