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    Question Which basic OTC figures are new sculpts?

    I'm unable to tell which of the basic OTC figures are new sculpts (vs. repackaged/repainted figures). Can someone please help?
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    Re: Which basic OTC figures are new sculpts?

    There have been TONS of threads about this already. Sorry to be mean, but there's a search feature right on top of every page, where you can look for the answer to your question. Mods, can you either delete this thread or merge it with another one?
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    Re: Which basic OTC figures are new sculpts?

    Everybody in the Dagobah wave and Bespin wave, all the VOTC, and that's it. Actually, the Dagobah R2 is a slight retool of the electronic sentinel R2 from the Saga line which itself was a slight retool of the POTF2 Power FX version.

    PS - don't be surprised if one of this section's mods ends up merging this thread with another on this topic.
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