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  • Unleashed is fantastic

    224 50.00%
  • It's good, but not great

    130 29.02%
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    36 8.04%
  • It's not that good

    24 5.36%
  • Unleashed is really bad

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    How does the Unleashed line stack up?

    When the Unleashed line was first announced, a lot of collectors equated it to the failed Epic Force line and predicted an early demise, yet 2 years later the line is still hanging in there with over 20 entries spanning the entire Star Wars saga. The statue-based Hasbro line has even spawned its own section here in the SSG forums:

    With the 10th wave hitting stores now, it seems a perfect time to gauge the collectors' interest in the line. So this week's new poll asks what do you think of the Unleashed line? Vote now and voice your opinion.

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    Re: How does the Unleashed line stack up?

    I love 'em for the most part.
    Some of them get screwed up (terrified looking Chewie) or the pick bad characters (Aayla Secura and Aurra Sing), or they just turn out bad (Luke Jedi, Yoda, Maul).
    But when they get a good one, they really get a good one, like Boba Fett, Vader, Tusken Raider, Bossk, Han, & Mace for example.

    One problem is that they are pretty tough to find, especially when we get a big pegwarmer like Jango, Luke Jedi, & Han (for some reason) and we can't find the ones we really want.
    I think I saw Vader, Mace, and Dooku one time each and I still haven't seen a Clonetrooper.
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    Re: How does the Unleashed line stack up?

    I think they are good, but not great. I dont buy them, but wish I would have seen them more than I had. I saw the first wave, got Jango and Boba, but never saw another one until the repacks. If I had seen them more, I probably would have bought them all.
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    Re: How does the Unleashed line stack up?

    I don't collect this line but I think they are pretty impressive overall; good but not great. I wish Hasbro would apply the same level of detail and design that goes into the Unleashed line into the 12" one.

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    Re: How does the Unleashed line stack up?

    I voted unleashed is fantastic. Personally I think that it's the most impressive SW line that Hasbro is doing these days.

    I have 'em all, and am happy with each and every one (even ballerina Maul).

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    Re: How does the Unleashed line stack up?

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    Re: How does the Unleashed line stack up?

    I really don't like them all that much. If they were super-articulated wonders of engineering a la Marvel Legends instead of little statues, I'd probably find them more interesting, but alas...
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    Re: How does the Unleashed line stack up?

    I've just got into collecting the Unleashed in the last few months. I thoroughly enjoy them but question some of the characters made. I think more core characters (ANH Obi-Wan) needed to be produced first than some of the minor ones (Bossk) we've seen.

    I will continue to buy the ones I do like.

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    Re: How does the Unleashed line stack up?

    I wouldve voted fantastic but.. Hasbro has a tiny little problem about distribution and if I do happen to find new ones that I like I get them. Dont get me wrong- I really do like them, but I just cant find them...
    hurray for birthdays!

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    Re: How does the Unleashed line stack up?

    First off I want to say that I do not collect the Unleashed figures, as I had statede in another poll I have over 600 loose 3 3/4 figures and my space to disply them is limited. I think that the recent unleased figures including the Aayla wave are remarkable. For that reason I might have to consider picking on of those up. I think that the packaging on the unleashed figures on the lateset few is also appealing. For those collectors that think that Hasbro is getting out of touch with the collectors all they need to do is take a look at some of the things that are putting out. Case in point is the new Pablo Jill and Sly Moore figures I have these figures and they are cool Look at the new Padme and Rabe that are also being released, I cant wait to see the packing of the III movie as well as the figures from that movie.

    In sort I voted that the unleashed line is great and to say that hasbro should keep it up in regards to that line.

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