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    Ewok Movie Figures

    I mentioned these in my "Top 50 figures" post, but figured since it might get lost in the shuffle, how does everyone feel about these? At the very least, the major characters deserve figures, even old Noah. I'm sure cult fave Teek would be a top choice among many collectors.

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    Re: Ewok Movie Figures

    Sure, I would buy them. I wouldnever turn down the Ewoks.
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    Re: Ewok Movie Figures

    I have no interest in these, a side from the fuzzy balls. Those "movies" were lame and the main reason people hate Ewoks so much.
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    Re: Ewok Movie Figures

    Since I created this thread, I removed these characters from my "Top 50" list. Here's what I propose. Like the Clone Wars figures. just two simple waves, one for each movie.

    Caravan of Courage:
    Mace Towani
    Cindel Towani
    Widdle (white cheeks, also seen with Chewie in ROTJ)

    Battle for Endor:
    Lord Terak

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    Re: Ewok Movie Figures

    I want a Wilford Brimley action figure!

    (He's the only Star Wars character to wear eyeglasses!)
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    Re: Ewok Movie Figures

    I'd like Holiday Special figures. Who wouldn't buy a Bea Arthur figure? No, seriously. We'd all buy one if even for the "hey, take a look at this" factor.

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    Re: Ewok Movie Figures

    NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!

    Just, well ...

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Re: Ewok Movie Figures

    Stillakid ol' buds, for once we agree, MAKE BEA ARTHUR! MAKE BEA ARTHUR NOW! They'd probably just end up making that moron with the funnel on his head though.

    Seriously Bea Arthur and Ichy with porno box would be the perfect HS figures. BTW, Zutton technically is from the HS.
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    Re: Ewok Movie Figures

    The line's success would be totally dependant on how many Ewoks were in each wave. The Ewoks would fly out of stores, while the less-interesting human characters (especially Cindel) would become peg-warmers. Except for Wilford Brimley. Everyone would want at least two.
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    Re: Ewok Movie Figures

    There are many more EU figures I would want before these.

    Stillakid love the new sig line. Still laughing.
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