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    Smile Doh!

    I cannot believe I didn't resurrect this Old Forums thread! It was my baby!
    Here you will find many SW inferences and where they probably came from.
    "That's what Sheev said."

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    My question is how could ROTJ have taken the names from a movie that didn't come out until eleven years later?
    I knew and hopefully he knew that those names (Klaatu, Barada, and Nikto) were first used in ROTJ and then borrowed, sorta as a tribute, for the Army of Darkness. What I didn't know was that these references all came from the The Day the Earth Stood Still movie in the 1950's. I never thought ROTJ borrowed those names from the Army of Darkness movie which came out years later.

    On another note, I check my e-mail on campus through telnet that has a server titled And surprisingly not, there is a klaatu, barada, and nikto server as well.
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    "Klaatu, Barada, Nik*cough**cough*"

    -Final words spoken by Ash (Bruce Campbell) in Army of Darkness

    Georgie-poo took references from several movies way back when.
    And "The Day the Earth Stood Still" just happened to be one of them.

    And go rent Army of Darkness, its a great movie! Very funny!
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    My friend and I used to watch Army of Darkness one every week. I love it!

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    Post I'll continue my style from the Old thread...

    BUBO: name for growth spots of those who had the bubonic plague.
    "That's what Sheev said."

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    Re: I'll continue my style from the Old thread...

    Originally posted by Bel-Cam Jos
    BUBO: name for growth spots of those who had the bubonic plague.
    Those like Randall in Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back who have been watching the Ray Harryhausen opus Clash of the Titans will also recognize the name "Bubo" as that given to the mechanical owl that served as a surrogate for Athena's real owl which she refused to give over to the likes of Harry Hamlin's Perseus. I'm not sure which reference may have been on the minds of those in the crew who named our much wanted froggy friend, as both may seem strangely appropriate.

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    If you haven't seen the classic saga, I highly recommend watching Evil Dead 2 first, then the original Evil Dead, and finally Army of Darkness. Finish off the evening with Dark Man for a full Sam Raimi night (with a touch of Liam to boot). Can't wait for Spiderman!

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    Lightbulb Long time no type!

    DAGOBA (Dagobah?): receptacle of sacred relics or ashes in a Buddhist stupa (monument, temple). From Sanskrit dhatu-garbha or relic-receptacle.

    JAIPUR (Japur snippet?): city in Rajasthane province of India, founded in 1128 A.D., formerly the capital city of Rajasthane. An astronomical observatory was built there. However, the Jaipur were also allies of the Mughals (an Indian dynasty from the 16th to the 18th centuries) under Akbar (Admiral Ackbar?), a highly-regarded king. Did he "bring you good fortune?" I haven't found that detail anywhere yet.
    "That's what Sheev said."

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    hey BCJ, did you ever hear back from Star Wars InSider about your research?

    i was thinking you could come up with something here at Sir Steves, like a etymology glossary. And then when SWI puts out their little article, we can all say, "Well obviously they lifted that from Sir Steves Guide..."

    You've already done most of the research, it's just a matter of correlating the data, alphabetizing it and setting up a link on the Home page!

    Stick it to WOTC! Yeee haw!!!

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    Red face

    No, not yet, Rollo, but did you actually expect them to respond? I never thought of the alphabetizing aspect; my document is by date of being found. Not a bad idear!
    But anger is the path to the Dark Side, beware the more seductive way, Jedi learner!
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