Anyone see it?, anyone care? what are your thoughts?

I liked Alicia Keyes performance with Lenny, and Stevie, and Jet did a pretty good job as well although very short. That new guy ?Kanye? West performance was pretty good as well although Chakka Khan singing was awful for the first part of it! Other than that I only have 6 words for ya, "where has all the rock gone?!!!!" why don't they just call the VMA's the BET or Ace awards! I know hip-hops marketing value is still high, but COME ON... Puh-lease! Enough already!
And if one more artists thanX Jesus Christ, the Lord or God, or promotes/plugs their new albumn/movie, I think I'll kick my tv screen in!
Hell, and I like hip-hop(to an extant), but I'd rather Sean Combs(refuse to call him whatever his name is) hand the mic over to Mace than have to listen to him go on about his high and mightyness! and what was up with Bruce Willis? Is he that hard up for PR? I see a new chain of restaurants poping up... the B & Diddy Hollyweird freakshow extravaganza!

I'm not being to hard now am I?

I don't know what did you guys think?!