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    Talking Holographic Emperor!!!!

    Boo YEA

    link from

    HyperSpace members only!

    I want this one....and I will open about you.
    Collect 2 Collect (if you see someone damaging stuff kick them in the shorts!)
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    Re: Holographic Emperor!!!!

    It's not the giant head that many of us were hoping for, but nice enough in it's own way.

    If any Hyperspace members could snag one of these for me, I'd greatly appreciate it. PM me and let me know. Thanks.

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    Re: Holographic Emperor!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Val Da Car
    HyperSpace members only!
    Probably only for another day or two. The pre-order limit is 3.
    Quote Originally Posted by Val Da Car
    I want this one....and I will open about you?
    Oh yes, I'm an opener. Granted, I have ordered two: one to open, one to keep carded.
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    Re: Holographic Emperor!!!!

    A bit baffled as to why this is exciting - how this hologram Emperor different from the previous version?

    Wouldn't a giant head have gone better with the Vadar ESB chamber from a few years ago?

    Just curious . . .
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    Re: Holographic Emperor!!!!

    I was able to order the Silver Saga Sandtrooper...but I can't order the Holographic Emperor...what gives!!!???I don't have access, but I thought my earlier renewal this year(before all this Hyperspace business) still made me a Star Wars Fan Club member. I confused.
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    Re: Holographic Emperor!!!!

    You have to be a Hyperspace member to order the Emporer right now.
    More is more. Less is less, Twice as much is good too,
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    Re: Holographic Emperor!!!!

    I ordered mine this morning.
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    Re: Holographic Emperor!!!!

    Only $10.99.....what a deal!
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    Re: Holographic Emperor!!!!

    If anyone is picking up any extras for sale please PM me, I would love one.
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    Re: Holographic Emperor!!!!

    Its times like these that I am glad to be a hyperspace member. I just put my order in for the Holographic Emperor from ESB!! I can't wait to get this figure! I love exclusives...they have never bothered me. This figure looks fantastic. I believe it'll be a great addition to my collection...and yours! It even comes with a star case! Hahahahahaha!

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