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Thread: Midwest MN/WI

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    Re: Midwest MN/WI

    Yea I hope my friend can snag me a vader but I'm not going to hold my breath. Odds are they'll show up on line at the star wars site later anyways.

    If I have time I might stop in at the brewfest if its this weekend, might walk down Canal Street and see if any old memories or ghosts come back before the event kicks off. Been to the brewfest once with my friends who went to St. Scholastica...don't remember much cept for the house of tacos...yummy.

    As for CIII, no probably not. I didn't go to any of the others. But hey if you do go, I'll fork over some cash for one of those CIII vaders, or I'll trade you for a CII Sacul figure...I think I have 2 or 3...just have to unearth them...

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    Re: Midwest MN/WI

    Hey man how was your trip up here? Find anything worthwhile?
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    Re: Midwest MN/WI

    Didn't have time to go hunting. But the weekend went well.

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    Re: Midwest MN/WI

    So what did everyone else find?

    Target - Lava Vader, Clone, Red Gaurd
    WM - Chewbacca, 3PO, Dooku, GG, Bodygaurd,
    TRU - Holo Yoda, Vader

    On a whim I went to the worlds biggest rummage sale, otherwise known as KMart and found the 12'' Greivous for 10% off. Their prices didnt even seem to be inflated, he was only 19.37.

    Havent bought much, Im impressed how much Ive held back, but this trip in a couple weeks will be far better..................
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    Re: Midwest MN/WI

    TRU Last Wed - $5 Micro Machines (Falcon, Tie & X Wing)
    TRU - MM Holo Yoda, ARC 170 GG, GG Bodyguards, Blue Guard dudes, Bail Organa,
    Target Sat Am - Holo Vader, Dlx Sidious, Darth Vader, Shaak Ti (for the wifey)
    Target Sat pM - Gen Tarful, 3 Sneek Preview wave for 1.74 each
    WM - Nothing.

    My TRU put up a FANTASTIC display. Triple my 24 "Super" WM and double the nearby Target. (in fact the closer target I avoided and glad I did...I saw pegs for the Lava Vader)

    I am not sure if I like the lava vader cause Beef Cake bodies don't do it for me. My wife does like it though.....I think the C3 Vader will be hopefully a better sculpt.....

    oh well wait and see......

    I need some new clone pilots now.....only saw up to figure #30ish...
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    Re: Midwest MN/WI

    I've got #1-#32, picked up the unleashed, and the 12" grievous and clone.

    I ordered the Wal-Mart early bird special off the web, along with the holo yoda. My TRU didn't have them and the manger said they wouldn't see them till the 10th or after.

    I ordered the ships from Amazon since I had some discount cards and that's about it.

    Picked up the novel, the graphic novel and the art of ROTS.

    Was out drinking that friday night and after the bars closed I went to Wal-mart since they had a tent, but the guy guarding the tent said they didn't open till 8 am. I went inside and found most of it picked over.

    My friend sold me his lava vader for 15, still debating on keeping it.

    To be honest, most the figs really aren't anything special. the body guards and grievous are cool, but the rest are man kit's or Ki's does some one need...

    So are you guys really going to C III?

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    Re: Midwest MN/WI

    yeah, the only ones I really liked were the OT characters..................everything else was kinda "meh"

    Yeah, Im all set to go, cant wait.
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    Re: Midwest MN/WI

    Are all the C III vaders spoken for? If you need $ or have an extra, let me know. I lighten your load.

    Yea, I'm waiting for the next waves to hit for ep. III toys. Most of these were rehashes and rather lame.

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    Re: Midwest MN/WI

    Well how did CIII go?

    As for finding stuff. I'm short the AT_TE driver and the chopper droid. But I've found 39 and 40.

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    Re: Midwest MN/WI

    Went well, the lines really sucked though. Ill probably have an extra Vader for you, but it may take a while. Im still quite attatched to them after having to wait for eight and a half time.

    Yeah I have found everything except the tank gunner, seen quite a bit of everything else though. Finally got the red gaurd and 2 blue saber Palpatines.
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