I noticed there was no "found" section for this area so here we go I hope there are people in this area to contribute.

Ill start it off, I am in the Duluth/Superior area

All 3 K Marts have piles of mint Cantina Scene 1's

Just bought OTC 12 inch Boba Fett in blue, thought it was rare but there still a few on the shelves

Target has the same old VOTC but they just got the new Unleashed set

Wal Mart had OTC for one day ( I bought 3 and went back for more and every last one was gone) and the same old VOTc

TRU is about to get OTC and lucky me I found a Saga Han ATST

Even the Suncoast in our mall has VOTC

Every store has tons of crappy Saga figure i.e. Hoth Soldiers, Hoth Soldiers, Hoth Soldiers.

Just went to Bemidji MN (2.5 hours west) and Wal Mart had TONS of OTC, the whole Dagobah set (minus handstand luke) IG-88, Jawas, Bespin Luke, and I did get my hands on ROTJ Vader and Bobba Fett. They also had tons of carrry cases and Galactic Hero's including C3P0 and Chewbacca

I also know my sister has been finding me OTC at Wal Marts in Forest Lake and Cambridge MN.

If anyone else is in these areas PLEASE contibute and/or give me a shout and let me know where you are. I cant be the only one up here.......

Divide and conquer, strength in numbers