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Thread: Midwest MN/WI

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    Midwest MN/WI

    I noticed there was no "found" section for this area so here we go I hope there are people in this area to contribute.

    Ill start it off, I am in the Duluth/Superior area

    All 3 K Marts have piles of mint Cantina Scene 1's

    Just bought OTC 12 inch Boba Fett in blue, thought it was rare but there still a few on the shelves

    Target has the same old VOTC but they just got the new Unleashed set

    Wal Mart had OTC for one day ( I bought 3 and went back for more and every last one was gone) and the same old VOTc

    TRU is about to get OTC and lucky me I found a Saga Han ATST

    Even the Suncoast in our mall has VOTC

    Every store has tons of crappy Saga figure i.e. Hoth Soldiers, Hoth Soldiers, Hoth Soldiers.

    Just went to Bemidji MN (2.5 hours west) and Wal Mart had TONS of OTC, the whole Dagobah set (minus handstand luke) IG-88, Jawas, Bespin Luke, and I did get my hands on ROTJ Vader and Bobba Fett. They also had tons of carrry cases and Galactic Hero's including C3P0 and Chewbacca

    I also know my sister has been finding me OTC at Wal Marts in Forest Lake and Cambridge MN.

    If anyone else is in these areas PLEASE contibute and/or give me a shout and let me know where you are. I cant be the only one up here.......

    Divide and conquer, strength in numbers

    You'll be dead!

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    fellow MN kid


    Good luck with your hunt and it sounds like your scoring bit up in Duluth.

    In the cities, its hit and its been for the last few years.

    I live in the East Metro and its hit and miss some times. The TRU in Maplewood and Roseville are bare bones and I've stopped going to the Roseville shop since I think the boxes get pillaged when they roll off the truck. The Mapelwood shop hasn't had anything good in a long time. I swear they still have the old bespin guard hanging there...they get the 4 packs and the odd exclusive, but I haven't seen anything new for a while. Ran into all the new stuff at the Target HQ in minneapolis and the No. St. Paul store, but even these are hit and miss. The new stock and update is far and few between. There have even been months where there no space for star wars figs. Wal-marts in the area are even hit and miss too. Some don't carry star wars others do but the shelves are thin.

    With most of these stores the scalpers are there 1st or the kids in the stock room are weeding out the good stuff.

    I'm caught up cept for the jedi councils and cantina 3-packs. But I'll get my hands on them yet.

    About the only place that I've had good luck was in Brainerd at their Target.

    But good luck and good luck with the upcoming snow.

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    Re: Midwest MN/WI

    Oh its very hit and miss here too, no place has gotten anything new in for a couple of weeks. The only big hits were the one in Bemidji and whatever my sister can find farther your way. Im originally from Pine City which is halfway between here and there so I guess I have a lot of ground covered Are there any shows or conventions in your area at all? Theres nothing up here, once and a while Ill get lucky at an antique store and fill something in in my vintage collections................

    Anyone else in the area?

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    Re: Midwest MN/WI

    There are plenty of toy shows in the cities and most of the vendors have every figure you could want. The majority are the scalpers who run and work the shows.

    I know there's one in Oct either by the MOA, or near-by. Then I know there's 2 in Dec.

    My friend works the shows, deals in matchbox, star wars, and cards.

    Pine City, know it well.

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    Thumbs up Re: Midwest MN/WI

    Hello RG,
    good luck with your post, i have started my own central texas 'just found' i might be the only one, but it has worked out. kudos on the han atst find, i have lookin for ever but no luck yet.

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    Re: Midwest MN/WI

    Well, if there is anyone out there............

    Dulth /Superior has nothing new ANYWHERE, but Shopko is down to 4 figures and the shelves have been rearranged, will check back tommorrow to see if there is anything new. Even if there is I dont know that I could justify 6.99 each for a handfull of figures.

    Anyone else in the area? State? Region?
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    Re: Midwest MN/WI

    There are a couple of us around from MN, but I haven't seen or heard from those guys in a long, long, long, time.

    I used to trade with one guy, but I don't see him on the boards anymore, and the times I do its very rare.

    But hey, are there still cantina scenes in your neck of the woods? You need anything in trade. I'm coming up dry on those puppies.

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    Re: Midwest MN/WI

    Ya theyre all over up here. I guess Im looking for everything for trade, so to say. New OTC, VOTC (Lando, 3p0 and so on) or vintage POTF figures (loose)

    I dunno, I guess Im pretty lucky when it comes to finding the rarer stuff. How many of these are you lookin to get?
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    Re: Midwest MN/WI

    Just looking for set 1 and 2 of the cantina...odds are 2 isn't out yet, but down here my local k-mart is a grave yard.

    I have some of the otc up to the tusken raider, and the VOTC wave 2 I haven't seen yet...haven't even found luke yet, but he's on the for vintage POFT...good luck. I've only found a smattering at comic shops or toy shows.

    But you have specific needs let me know, maybe we can work out a trade. I'm just looking for set 1 and set 2. Only want 1 of each.

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    Re: Midwest MN/WI

    Wow that does sound sparse, thats sad. Ive only seen scene one so far and I will take a look after work of possible trades. Thanks for responding, Im glad this wasnt a total lost cause.....
    You'll be dead!

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