Yea I snagged a vintage death star playset last summer. To be honest, I'm not overly sure if I'll put that up...its missing a support piece. I have vintage 12" figs too that I'm on the fence about...luke, darth, chewie, obi, and I have a vintage walker in box, that probe droid/hot playset, and cantina set with the original cardboard backdrop, along with a vintage falcon, but I think the remote is MIA. I'm not sure if I want to part with that stuff yet, but then again its just been wrapped in a garbage bag and down in the basement. I really should sell it off since I'm getting hitched in Sept and its less to move and store.

But yea, I won't have a solid idea about where things are at or the exact counts of things till well after the holidays. My plan is two tubs a weekend.

I have all this info a excel spread sheet but I got sloppy with logging stuff in after a while and I'm not positive if its current or overly accurate.

Its amazing how much stuff was pumped out over the 10 years.