Been busy at work and at home, and haven't seen junk. A friend of mine dropped off the sneak preview figs, and I guess they hit in the south metro. The target, target HQ, TRU, and Walmart around me doesn't have jack squat. Target in No. St. Paul doesn't have anything outside a few VOTC and old OTC, and the TRU only has a 3 x 3 free stander up. The newest thing they had was the cantina wave. Target HQ only has the unleashed mace and dooku.

Haven't seen any cartoon figs, or anything new since the holidays. Thats the one bad thing about the metro area, either the stores don't get the shipments or they are pillaged in the back room or snagged by early morning scalpers. I'm sure its just dormant until they can sell or put out the episode III stuff. Then you usually see a lot of stuff come out of the woodwork.