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Thread: Midwest MN/WI

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    Wholly crap I've been MIA huh...

    I caved and orderd sets online from all over. The metro is pretty stocked with pegwarmers and we've got airborn troopers and re-packs hanging heavy on the pegs.

    Not to mention I can't chase like I'd like anymore.

    Still waiting for the WM exclusive comic packs. I want Comm. Kenner and the snow marine pretty badly. I'm scouting Target pretty hard too waiting for the space whale clone pack and ship.

    Well...sorry I've been MIA, just too busy with work and other items.

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    Don't sweat it.

    Between changing jobs and getting my Holy Grail of collecting, I have barely seen any real collecting.

    MR AT AT Signature Edition....#39....

    I have been keeping my Hasbro collecting to a minimum, especially my Army more 30+ and such.

    I have had recent success in Kohl instead of Target/TRU/Walmart.

    But I might have a chance to get the Transformers Store Marketing materials.

    I will want the AT TE when it comes out next year.

    oh, btw My wife is almost 4 months along with our first.

    The Dr would have gotten the gender but the little one turn the other cheek during the Ultrasound. Next one is due Nov 26 (3-D no less)
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    Hey congrats on the kid.

    Yea work is- how to put this- tentative right now. We were busy as sin and just this week we had a few jobs crap out on us and vanish into smoke. Part of the trouble of the architectural field.

    We just laid off two individuals this week and we have enough work to get us through till Jan, beyond that is ????

    Chasing figs hasn't been high on the list of things to do, and my fire for collecting seems to be down to the embers right now, and I'm sorting wishing the line would poop out soon.

    I've already said that when the TV show comes out, I won't collect the those new figs unless they are really cool, but I'm hoping for an end. I have plenty of packaged figs in bags under my desk and tossed in a corner. They should be opened and put away, or out, but I've gotten lazy. Since its been what...12 years since the fruit loop han mail away?

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    Hey guys. Get any snow down there yet? Just flurries up here...I have my fingers crossed for another 3 day 8 ft storm.

    Wave 6 seems to be pretty plentiful right now and I hope 7 & 8 continue this trend.

    As soon as TAC is done after wave 8, Im done. Although the figures look really great, Im just not compelled to either A) Buy a bunch of main characters I already have or B) Buy a bunch of figures that get 2 seconds of screen time. Kind of a bummer, but it will help out with the wedding I suppose. I would really like to get into the higher end stuff though. That might be fun for a while.

    Well, be safe. Even with the forcast of snow people drive like idiots. There was a rollover on the High Bridge over the harbor the other day.....
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    I'm reaching the stopping point myself its been fun but I have to to honestly ask myself...what the heck and I'm going to do with all this stuff later.
    I'd like to make a display room, but that's no going to happen for years.

    As for snow, we've had a few flurries, but today its been warm and nice out.

    I hope the snow stays off for a while - I have to put the snow tires on yet.

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    Wow is this a quite section.

    Well I snagged a space whale clone pack the fighter and missed out on those two massive $50 packs. They were sort of cool, but I couldn't drop 100 on that just for a few things I wanted like the turret and those ewok repaints.

    I'll watch ebay and local toy shops and hope the $ goes down on those big pigs.

    Outside of that, haven't seen any wave 7 or beyond yet.

    Everyone have a good holiday and an even better new year.

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    Everyone just reloaded their pegs with fresh Legends. And thats about how it goes up here. Havent seen 5, 7, or 8. I only saw 6 at one Target, and it was already picked through.

    Have a safe and happy holiday. It will be nice to have snow this holiday season
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    Yea, but I'm already tired of shoveling.

    Well hopefully waves 6-8 will hit closer to the holidays or after. I hate the end of the year waves. They get so illusive.

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    Well I hope everyone had some happy holidays. Its gonna get pretty cold up here in the next couple days.

    Found some odd things at Target today. All the Mighty Mugs and some really ghetto 2-pack keychain things. The MMs where kinda neat.

    I just want my dang McRebels so I can be done for a year, or more.
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    Hey, thanks, yet the holidays and new year went by fast.

    After target blew out all the big $50 packs and all there other exclusives the shelves are empty. I haven't seen the last few waves hit yet, and for what I've seen and heard for 08, I'm not too jazzed about re-issues and re-paints.

    I don't think I've stepped foot in a TRU or Wally World lately either.

    Here's to hoping we get some better things this year.


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