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    Planet of the Apes figures

    Anyone else pick up the Medicom POTA figures?

    The detail is amazing!

    There are 19 in all, including two from the TV series. I have 9 myself, but still need to find Cornelius at a reasonable price. They're getting harder to find. Suncoast did carry them; I've picked up my two Taylor figures there.

    And yes, I still have my old Mego POTA figures, too.

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    Re: Planet of the Apes figures

    I have some...Both Taylors, Nova, Zira/Astronaut, Caesar. Yes, they are hard to find. I'm a big apes fan...evn have all orig. 1-sheet posters, Jerry Goldsmith's orig. soundtrack on LP, and autographs from Roddy McDowall, Kim Hunter(alas, both gone), Ricardo Montalban & Charlton Heston. Have you checked out the new 12" line from Sideshow Collectibles. They are awesome!
    "In my experience there's no such thing as luck."

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    Re: Planet of the Apes figures

    Those were fantastic. I missed them though. My Suncoast had all of them at between 50% off 75% off, but I didn't have any cash with me that day, I'd only taken enough to go to the movies, and was just browsing there to kill time. When I went back a week later the entire store was gone. There was no warning, notice, or anything. Just gone.

    I've only seen a couple since, at pretty high prices. They are definitely something I'd like to track down, especially since I still have all my vintage apes stuff from the 70s, though Zira hasn't turned up yet. Hmmm.

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    Re: Planet of the Apes figures

    I might have to get one of the Sideshow figures as a Christmas present to myself this year. Too awesome!

    One of my Suncoasts still has the figures, but just Urko and the ape soldier from the TV show. They're on the clearance wall, but last time I asked, they weren't clearanced.

    I was lucky enough to find Milo/astro, Zira and Cornelius/astronauts at a sci-fi/model show in the spring for $5 each.

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    Re: Planet of the Apes figures

    Hey! Just to let you all know, I found Kubrick POTA sets at Tower tonight for $1.99 -- so, go get 'em.

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    Re: Planet of the Apes figures

    Can you help a fellow POTA collector out who lives no where near a Tower Records?

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    Re: Planet of the Apes figures

    Maybe, but try starting here...

    ...they've got a few (3) listed at $2.99 on their site. If I get back in there this week, I'll see what's left. (I'm gonna try and hit another Tower to see what they have also.)


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    Re: Planet of the Apes figures

    Thanks for the link! I will get at least one set!


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