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    I need a head for Baron Fel!

    Hi people- I've been getting stuff ready for a Baron Fel custom. I would like to hollow out the head and all but I dont have an idea of what to use for his head.. I saw someone use darth maul's (FFURG i think) head for it and it turned out ok but I dont think I want to mess around with scuply hair... (can hardly do my own sometimes ) Any suggestions?
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    Re: I need a head for Baron Fel!

    A quick head swap can be done for a Titan figure from way back. Can't remember the name off-hand but I bought one on clearance hoping to do the same thing that you wanted to do. Never got to it and now I don't know where the heck I've put it.
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    Re: I need a head for Baron Fel!

    Angry guy with a two tone flat top? I think that figure was called Korso. I used his head for something and it looked a little big. I'll put up a pic. if I can find it.

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    Re: I need a head for Baron Fel!

    Ok sounds good. I think I know what you are talking about..
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    Re: I need a head for Baron Fel!

    How about Lukes head? Oh wait his is on everything else.
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    Re: I need a head for Baron Fel!

    Quote Originally Posted by chrisc
    How about Lukes head?
    Maybe but IDK if I want to shave his hair.. it might look really weird.
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    Re: I need a head for Baron Fel!

    BoShek is as close as my thinking will take me...trying to remember the comic.
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