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    Modern Lines....

    ....I don't know if there has been a thread on this before, but my ranking of the modern lines would be like this:

    1. POTF2 - 4 years of SW goodness. Brought SW back from the dead.
    2. POTJ - Gimmick free, frills free figure goodness.
    3. VOTC - Good, but the line is too limited.
    4. Saga - A nice mixture of OT and PT figs
    5. EU (Expanded Universe and Shadows) - If this line continued it would challenge for #1
    6. Episode I - solid figs, but the movie was kinda a turn off
    7. OTC (I'm sorry, but a cool cardback can't save a line with only 7 new figs)

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    Re: Modern Lines....

    You left a couple of lines off, Gonk, but this is a good idea for a thread.

    My rankings:

    1. Power of the Jedi (2000-2002) Perhaps the best variety of figures, with more supporting characters and fewer resculpts of the primaries.

    2. Saga (2002-2004) Similar in it's mix of characters offered plus the sheer number of figures offered in this line. The Saga line did have two strikes against it; lame gimmicks, and extreme scarcity of figures in this line. Distribution was terrible.

    3. Powers of the Force 2 (1995-2000) Despite the misguided early bodybuilde versions of the primary characters, this line really got me excited about collecting SW again when figures that weren't ofered in the vintage line started being made. There were also plenty of vehicles in this line.

    4. Expanded Universe (1998) The small number of figures offered was offset by the overall quality, sure Mara Jade and Thrawn were not great sculpts, but the EU Luke ranks as one of my favorite Lukes, Leia, Clone Emperor, and the two troopers were great, and hold up really well.

    5. Episode 1 (1999-2000) A lot of really well made figures and decent vehicles. The only real strikes against this line were the scarcity of later waves combined with the overall blandness of the characters offered. Lots and lots of brown clothes here. We also we given way too many versions of the principal characters and not enough of the background characters.

    6. Original Trilogy Collection (2004) The only reason this one doesn't rank higher, is as Gonk says, too few new figures. I haven't found enough of them to really judge, but the ones I have I'm very pleased with, and the packaging is nice.

    7. Clone Wars (2003) I really liked the look of the animated versions of the characters, and was really disappointed by the "real" versions. The three packs were nice in spite of their limited poseability, the vehicles offered were good ones. The scarcity of anything that involved the clone troopers is a strike against this line. Almost all of the holes in my collection are from this line.

    8. Shadows of the Empire (1996) Sure, Snoova was a bit doofy, The Sentinal looked like Orko all grown up, and the Outrider was pretty pitiful, but the rest of the figures were pretty nice. This is where Boushh and IG-88 were first offered, the Luke as Imperial Guard was nice, and Dash Rendar, while having to stand in an awkward pose, was a good sculpt.

    9. Vintage Original Trilogy Collection (2004) So far I am underwhelmed by this line. Other than Han, I think the other characters have been served better in earlier, and less costly, versions. Maybe it's because I think soft goods look terrible at this scale, but that doesn't explain Yoda's poor likeness, or C-3PO's puckered mouth.

    10. Star Tours (2002-2004) I actually like this line and the only reason it falls at the bottom of my list is because these are only available at high prices on the secondary market, unless you happen to be going to Disneyland/World. The figures generally look like they belong in the SW Universe, though a few seem like they would be more at home on "Jason of Star Command."

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    Re: Modern Lines....

    CW(not the animated ones)

    Only lines I own
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    Re: Modern Lines....

    1. Power of the Jedi 00-02 Great packaging jedi force files are cool nice sculpts; great assortments...lots of new figures
    2. Saga 02-04 Includes..........ephant mon! one of the best ever figures.
    3. Episode 1 99-00
    4. Vintage OTC 04
    5. Powers of the Force 2 (1995-2000)
    6. OTC 04-??
    7. Expanded Universe-dont own any of these
    8. Clone Wars (2003) --dont own any of these
    9. Shadows of the Empire (1996)--own one of these, leia (ROTJ)
    10. Star Tours (2002-2004) --dont own any of these

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    Re: Modern Lines....

    Clone Wars
    Episode I

    I don't own any Star Tours and since I've never been on the ride and know nothing about it, I probably never will.
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