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    VOTC Lando Suprise (for me, at least).

    Hello everybody, I am now in Texas, and within 2 days of being here, I scored the VOTC C-3P0 (Galactic Hunter is insane to say this is the best) and the highly excellent Lando -

    Ok, question that pertains to my suprise, the interior cloth material has the pattern design, and not the solid color look as the earlier pics showed.

    I know this is new on the streets, but when people score this, I will be curious as to see if any of them have a solid pattern.

    This is, IMO, the best ESB Lando ever - the articulation and excellent sculpt make this quite a bit better over the already great resculpted Lando we got a couple of years back.
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    Re: VOTC Lando Suprise (for me, at least).

    Nice score!!!Yeah,I agreed with you.It is the best Lando.So I'm so hurry to get him.

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    Re: VOTC Lando Suprise (for me, at least).

    OK tell us about 3PO.
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    Re: VOTC Lando Suprise (for me, at least).

    Nice to hear that the inside of his cape has an actual pattern. Care to snap a picture of it and post it up. Is it similar to the cape from the POTJ Lando? If so, great. That one was perfect already.

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    Re: VOTC Lando Suprise (for me, at least).

    The one I saw, and passed up on because the front of his hair wasn't painted, seemed to have a solid blue cape, but that may just be the way it was folded inside the bubble.

    C-3PO, which I did pick up, is actually a nicely done figure, until you look at his face. He has a puckered mouth look too him, the mouth is almost absent.

    I've got to say, that out of the VOTC figures I've found (Luke, Han, Ben, Leia, C-3PO, Yoda, and Lando) Only Han has impressed me so far. I've been more impressed by the new OTC figures, even Luke, with his weird, almost cartoony, heads.

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    Re: VOTC Lando Suprise (for me, at least).

    I still have not found him, but I am sure I will soon. IMO, the POTJ Lando was the best ever (but I haven't seen the new one yet). I hope the cape HAS the pattern.

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    Re: VOTC Lando Suprise (for me, at least).

    Quote Originally Posted by Turbowars
    OK tell us about 3PO.
    As for C-3PO, this is the best looking version of this figure....from the side profile! I am not joking, but from that angle, he looks great. Looking dead on, I dunno, but this fig is a mess: the neck seems to long, the face looks off, he has an odd pose, the pelvis area seems huge, and his legs are very skinny looking. In addition, the arms do not have the more accurate looking type that we got with R-3PO, which was a great looking figure. For my money, if that had just Vac metallized the R-3PO fig, I would have been much happier than the figure we actually got - and for $10, this fig just plain blows (yeah, I bought it, I know).

    As to the VOTC Lando, really, I cannot imagine how they could really improve on it that much, except perhaps the cape - while it has the pattern, this is not quite as colorful looking as the last. Truth be told, I have no idea which is more movie accurate, so as such, I was happy with what I saw, which was a great looking fig with excellent articulation. IMO, this is a figure almost equal in value to the excellent VOTC Han.
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    Re: VOTC Lando Suprise (for me, at least).

    Is this new Lando taller than the OTC Lobot? The freeze frame version and the new Lobot both tower over previous Landos for some reason. Didn't they watch the film? Lobot is tiny.

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    Re: VOTC Lando Suprise (for me, at least).

    I do not have the OTC Lobot loose, but the VOTC Lando is just a bit shorter than the VOTC Han, so this fig is pretty tall.
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    Re: VOTC Lando Suprise (for me, at least).

    I am looking forward to spotting the VOTC Lando. The POTJ version rocked but you can never have enough Landos.

    The pics of the c3po are enough to keep me away. He just looks off from the neck up and the waist down. I think I'll pass.

    The whole VOTC line looks pretty disappointing. I have Han, and he was well worth it. Passed on Ben, Leia and Luke - just not my cup of tea. Was hoping for more from yoda so he's a big question mark. Maybe Darth but I have yet to see him.


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