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    Re: Any word on Wave 4?

    I wonder if these will ever come out?
    "It can't rain all the time."

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    Re: Any word on Wave 4?


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    New at Star Trader

    Any scoop on what merchandise we can expect to show up in Disneyland from Star Wars weekends? said "...will all be available to guests at Disney MGM's Star Wars Weekends event, with some items also slated to appear at California's Disneyland theme park as well. "
    I hope we see the Darth Vader Mickey plush!!!

    There are also 4 new pvc toys at the Star Trader in Disney land. 3p0, r2, vader, and yoda. These are not the cartoon style from before. I don't know if they are old or not. There is also a mini plush ewok magnet.
    Pretty cool.

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    Re: New at Star Trader

    They just need to change the fool ride. Mix it up a little. I can only take the trench and the botched trip to endor so many times......
    Sigh... For once in my life i have nothing to say...


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